Probiotic Maker on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes it special and where to buy it

Entrepreneur Merrick Maxfield will pitch his Probiotic Maker to the Shark Tank
Probiotic Maker will make its debut on latest episode of Shark Tank. Pic credit: ABC/@probioticmaker/Instagram

There’s a new company making its debut on tonight’s episode of Shark Tank, but will Probiotic Maker impress the sharks?

The entrepreneurs behind this creative concept will be making their pitch to get some well-needed cash for the company.

If you understand the importance of probiotics and their numerous benefits, then this one will surely grab your attention.

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The idea behind Probiotic Maker

Merrick Maxfield along with his wife and eight kids are yogurt lovers who understand the importance of probiotics.

However, with such a large family it was hard to keep enough yogurt on hand. The family invested in four yogurt makers and spent countless hours making yogurt from scratch.

They wanted to create something that was hassle-free, cost-effective and didn’t contain artificial ingredients like most commercially made yogurts.

So the Merricks got to work in hopes of creating a yogurt maker that would fulfill their needs and improve upon the traditional yogurt makers that they were forced to use.

The process wasn’t an easy one, but after going through 27 generations of prototypes they found the perfect one, and the Probiotic Maker became a reality in 2016.

What makes Probiotic Maker special?

The Probiotic Maker offers the ideal solution for making fresh probiotics at home and boasts a range of benefits.

In terms of cost, you’ll save quite a bit each month. The creators claim that the price works out to a couple of pennies per serving in comparison to buying pills, drinks, yogurts, and powders that contain probiotics.

Another advantage is the short length of time that it takes to prepare the ingredients– although the actual process takes a few hours.

You only need one minute of prep time and there’s no mess or cleanup to worry about either.

The Probiotic Maker resembles a heating pad that wraps around your milk container and can accommodate different sizes of containers. You will need to add a starter mix known as “seeds” to the milk and shake. The seeds are packed with 11 different types of probiotics– which are more strains than commercial yogurts.

The next step is to place the milk container into the Probiotic Maker then plug the device into a power source and leave for eight hours.

Once the yogurt done, it is placed into the refrigerator to cool and thicken.

The finished product can be consumed as a healthy meal replacement, a snack, a light breakfast or it can also be added to smoothies and other recipes.

Where can you purchase the Probiotic Maker?

You can get a headstart on making healthy probiotic drinks for you and your family by purchasing your own Probiotic Maker.

The product is available on the company website,

The Probiotic Maker costs $97 and comes with two free starter seeds. Additional seeds can also be purchased in packs of three and six.

Furthermore, to safeguard your purchase the company offers a 100% money back guarantee and free returns.

Do you think the Probiotic Maker will wow the judges? Watch a brand new episode of Shark Tank to see how things turn out.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Thomas A Nelligan Jr
Thomas A Nelligan Jr
2 years ago

The Sharks aren’t the smartest people in the world. I think it’s brilliant and I like the guarantee offer.