Ready. Set. Food. on Shark Tank: Where to buy it and how it works

Ready Set Eat on Shark Tank
Can the people behind Ready. Set. Food. convince the Shark Tank panel to invest? Pic credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Ready. Set. Food. is an interesting addition to the Shark Tank family. This product helps prevent babies from developing food allergies. Now, all they need is for at least one shark to want to invest in this unique product.

There is science behind Ready. Set. Food., a supplement administered to babies as young as four months old, in an effort to help them avoid food allergies later in life.

The idea is that exposing babies to common allergens in small doses will help their bodies to adjust and not develop allergic reactions to those foods.

The Ready. Set. Food. system exposes small children to egg, milk, and peanut protein in small doses over a long period to lessen the likelihood they will develop an allergy.

This method is backed by science and even has the approval of an advisory board of medical doctors who recommend this form of allergen introduction for babies 4-6 months of age and continuing for up to six months.

To use this product, parents add a packet of Ready. Set. Food. to their baby’s first bottle or solid food of the day. The amount of food protein starts small and gradually increases, one food at a time until the child reaches the maintenance amount.

Those wanting to try Ready. Set. Food. can purchase a monthly subscription, with discounts given for pre-paying further in advance.

For a month-to-month subscription, it runs $49 per month. Buying three months at a time will reduce the cost to $39 a month, and a six month pre-paid subscription breaks down to $29 a month.

Orders can be made on the Ready. Set. Food. website. 

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC. 

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