Porsha Williams dragged over ‘tone deaf’ comment about RHOA newbie’s husband

RHOA star Porsha Williams Instagram selfie
Porsha Williams is getting backlash online. Pic credit: @porsha4real/Instagram

Porsha William’s recent attempt to get The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans excited about the new Season 16 cast members totally backfired and now she’s getting dragged online.

People are calling out the former Mrs. Guobadia after she made a tone-deaf comment about her castmate’s husband.

It wasn’t long ago that another innocent newbie, Falynn Guobadia, introduced Porsha to her then-husband Simon Guobadia. Season 13, to be exact.

When the season ended, so did Falynn and Simon’s marriage, but a shocking new romance developed between Simon and Porsha.

The backlash was brutal as people accused Porsha of stealing her friend’s husband, a claim she has continued to deny.

The RHOA star was intent on getting her fairytale ending and she married Simon in two lavish ceremonies. However, after a year of marriage, Porsha abruptly filed for divorce.

Now, she’s back on the show and back on the prowl but fans are warning the cast members to hide their husbands.

Porsha Williams teases the new RHOA cast and their husbands

Porsha recently teased the upcoming RHOA season during an Amazon Live after the full cast was revealed a few days ago.

Season 16 will feature three newbies, Angela Oakley, Brittany Eady, and Kelli Ferrell.

While chatting about the show, Porsha confessed “I haven’t actually met any of the news girls.”

“I don’t know Angela, but I hear her husband is everything,” shared the newly single RHOA star. “I hear that she is fabulous, she is beautiful, I saw her on a phone call.”

She also talked about Brittany, saying “I met her briefly, very very briefly and the exchange was cool. I’ve heard some other things about her being really fun.”

“There’s another girl named Kel and she apparently owns restaurants…I don’t know about her, I’ve heard some things about her,” added Porsha.

RHOA fans call out Porsha for her tone-deaf comment

After the video was posted by @thebravoshaderoom, RHOA fans blasted Porsha and called out a tone-deaf comment about Angela’s husband.

“Hide yo husband girl,” a commenter dramatically exclaimed. “Porsha is on the brawl….. don’t trust her around yah man PERIOD she that friend that needs to call before she comes over and don’t let her get to comfortable. The husband napper has no chill. 😂.”

“Now she’s going to go after another woman’s husband,” said someone else.

One person wrote, “Not her husband is everything 😂😂 wrong road Porsha ..wrong road!”

RHOA fans call out Porsha Williams
Pic credit: @thebravoshaderoom/Instagram

A commenter stated, “No one is introducing her to their husbands.”

Someone else said, “Porsha is my fave but the ‘her husband is everything’ is tone deaf a lil bit 😂.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently on hiatus.

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