Pieper James doesn’t regret Bachelor in Paradise drama with Brendan Morais: ‘It is what it is’

The Bachelor alum Pieper James doesn’t regret the drama caused by her and Brendan Morais’ pre-existing relationship. Pic credit: ABC

Brendan Morais and Pieper James thought they would have an easy time in Paradise due to their previous connection in the outside world, but it’s having the opposite effect.

After their performance on the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise, viewers have turned their backs and the two Bachelor Nation alums are losing followers at a record pace.

Brendan admitted to ‘navigating’ his way around Paradise to ensure he was around when Pieper walked in, leaving the previous receiver of his rose, Natasha Parker, hurt in the crossfire.

Despite all the harsh backlash from both viewers and the BIP cast, Pieper James said ‘it is what it is’ and she doesn’t regret the drama.

Pieper James doesn’t regret Bachelor in Paradise drama

In a conversation with Us Weekly, Pieper revealed new insight on how she feels about the messy situation that played out on screen with Brendan and Natasha.

“I don’t think I have any regrets,” the 24-year-old told the publication while attending a show at New York Fashion Week. “It is what it is, and it happened. I honestly try not to live with regrets. What happened, happened, and I’ll deal with whatever happens next.”

While Pieper was quick to call Brendan her ‘boyfriend’ on the show, she defended her stance, “As new as it was to the viewers was as new as it was to me. Beforehand, Brendan and I obviously had been talking, but it wasn’t a serious relationship.”

She added, “As we both said on the show, we didn’t have a plan. I have so much going on I couldn’t have put that together. But obviously, I liked him and I was excited to see him, but that was the extent of it.”

Brendan Morais and Pieper James have been accused of going to Paradise for the wrong reasons

Pieper and Brendan have faced tremendous backlash and it’s Natasha Parker who viewers feel for most since she was essentially a casualty in their shady scheme.

As the first initial days in Mexico went by, Natasha grew insecure and began to doubt herself as she struggled to initiate a first kiss with Brendan.

However, knowing everything she knows now, Natasha realized Brendan used her for her rose so that he could stay in Paradise.

Pieper and Brendan aren’t the only couple accused of being on the show for the wrong reasons. Fellow BIP cast members Chris Conran and Alana Milne were also accused of bringing a pre-existing relationship into Paradise.

Chris and Alana were ultimately pressured out of Paradise and viewers will have to tune into Bachelor in Paradise to see if Pieper and Brendan will meet the same fate.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.  

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