Peter Weber reveals what his plans are after leaving The Bachelor single

Peter Weber reveals his plans for the future. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber didn’t get his happy ending on the looking-for-love show.

Despite proposing to Hannah Ann during the finale, the pilot broke things off with the pretty lady a few months later. He did so while admitting he still had feelings for Madison Prewett, the other woman in his final two.

Unfortunately for Peter, Madison eliminated herself from the show because he slept with other women despite her wishes that he should not after declaring she has been saving herself for marriage.

So, given that and even though Peter said he wanted to pursue a relationship with Madison, she is not part of his future plans.

Peter Weber has big plans for the future

On Instagram, Peter decided to hold a session allowing for fans to ask questions for him to answer.

Some questions focused on what he was doing after The Bachelor, with one inquiring about his future plans.

Peter goals
Peter Weber opens up about his new goals. Pic credit: @pilot_pete/Instagram

He provided a long list on the social media network, revealing he wishes to live in a constant mindset of gratitude. He also seeks to set up a blood donation foundation for his grandmother, become a mentor for people who want to pursue a career as an airline pilot, start eating less meat, become a DJ, reach a goal to attain 8 percent body fat, and become a better golfer.

All these goals — which are definitely worth pursuing — do not include finding love or settling down.

Over the weekend, Peter had already announced he was moving out, finally leaving his parents’ house in California. He shared that he would reside in either Los Angeles or New York.

Peter Weber is not looking for love

Peter is no longer looking for love. As fans know, he ended his engagement to Hannah Ann after returning home from Australia when he revealed he had feelings for Madison.

But the two couldn’t make it work, partially because of Peter’s mom, Barbara. She had a clear favorite in Hannah and had no interest in Peter dating Madison. Plus, despite making viewers think that the two would try to work things out, he wasn’t really with Madison after dumping Hannah Ann.

Now, Peter has put his failed engagement behind him as many viewers believe his mother influenced his outcome on The Bachelor. They think she controlled Peter’s decisions, manipulating him into proposing Hannah Ann.

Since Peter left Bachelor Nation, he may experience better luck finding love outside of the spotlight.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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3 years ago

I still think Peter and Hannah B belong together

3 years ago

I think his mother needs to cut the umbilical cord and let him live his life. As long as she is around he won’t be marring anyone of his choice.