Paige Lorenze shows off her new hairstyle

Paige Lorenze
Paige Lorenze cut her hair. Pic credit: @paigelorenze/Instagram

Paige Lorenze is a famous Instagram influencer and model and the founder of Dairy Boy.

While she was previously linked to the country star Morgan Wallen, she had recently been with Tyler Cameron.

However, in news just released today, it appears the duo has split.

Tyler Cameron revealed that the twosome needed to take a step back because their timeline just wasn’t right for them.

Whether she herself wanted a change or if she needed to do something drastic after the split with Tyler, Paige switched up her hair.

While she still has super blonde hair, Paige went from long, wavy-ish hair to a short, just-below-the-chin, stick-straight cut.

Paige Lorenze shocks fans with a new short hairdo

Paige took to her Instagram page to upload a video of herself walking to get her hair cut, then revealing the chopped look.

She also captioned her video by saying, “Didn’t take any photos so posting this in feed. Hi new hair.”

Fans and followers of Paige Lorenze comment on her new hair

Paige Lorenze fans took to her comment section on Instagram to give her some love after seeing her new hairstyle.

While followers wrote, “Love love love,” “Ayooooo,” and “ITS SO HOT OMG,” another exclaimed, “SHOOOOOOK!!!! [four fire flame emojis].”

Paige Lorenze fans love her new hair.
Pic credit: @paigelorenze/Instagram

Even more fans showed Paige support and couldn’t get over how great she looked in short hair, too, as they commented, “QUEEEEEEN” and “Im so obsessed.”

Others gave her star emojis and fire flame emojis while writing, “Yesssss,” “Like stop im in love,” and “it’s giving safe haven.”

Even more fans of Paige's can't get over her chopped hair.
Pic credit: @paigelorenze/Instagram

Tyler Cameron and Paige Lorenze

While just weeks ago, Tyler and Paige made their relationship public after a great deal of fan speculation, the duo has already parted ways.

Not only had they gone Instagram official, but they posted a sweet video of their boat day together just days ago. Also, once they released their official announcement of being together, they were spotted having a make-out session on the streets of NYC.

Moreover, Tyler also let fans know Paige had moved him differently than most women when he met her at a New York City bar.

Even though Paige and Tyler are no longer together, the model and influencer has so many followers who love and appreciate her, her photos, and watching her successes and changes.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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