Paige Banks reflects on ‘turbulent’ MAFS experience, says therapy is helping her heal

MAFS star Paige Banks reveals how she's healing after tumultuous experience on the show
Paige Banks talks about MAFS experience. Pic credit: Lifetime

Paige Banks has opened up about her tumultuous journey on Season 12 of Married at First Sight but don’t expect her to say a word about her ex Chris Williams.

Paige got fan support after she was paired with Chris and things quickly started to spiral. The horrible experience had viewers requesting a do-over for the young accountant who was invested in the eight-week experiment.

Days into her marriage, Paige was subjected to rude comments about her appearance, and a revelation from her new husband that his ex-fiance was pregnant with his child. And that was only the beginning of the drama that Paige endured all season long.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get the happily ever after she was hoping for– having been involved in one of the most dramatic and shocking pairings in the history of the show. Thankfully though, the rollercoaster ride is over and therapy has become a source of healing for the MAFS star.

Paige Banks talks tumultous MAFS experience

The Married at First Sight star had a recent chat with Essence and opened up about being in a much different place today than she was while on the show.

“I feel like I’m in a more refreshed, refined place,” revealed Paige. “Last year was very turbulent, to say the least, but the best thing about it was it was an opportunity for extreme growth.”

That growth is a result of ongoing therapy sessions which have been helping Paige to heal from everything she endured during her short-lived marriage.

I have my weekly therapy sessions. I think that those should be ongoing just to identify who Paige is and stay true to that,” said the MAFS star. “I also want to invest in a life coach to help me stay firm on the direction of where my life is heading.”

Paige Banks dishes on viewer backlash

Early on in the season, Married at First Sight viewers were supportive of Paige. However, when she continued to carry on with her relationship despite being disrespected by her husband each week, people grew frustrated and she got some backlash online.

However, the tides have turned once again and she has a lot of viewers on her side.

“I feel like more so recently, I’ve had a lot of Paige supporters,” revealed Paige. “I’m very grateful for them, but it was really rocky during the season.”

As for why she decided to give her then-husband so many chances, the MAFS star explained that during her interview.

Paige posited, “I think I was so invested in the ideation of marriage, this process. I put so much trust in what could have been, as opposed to really recognizing what was right in front of me.”

“There was definitely a lot of naiveté. I should have walked away after the wedding, but I wanted to see it through,” She admitted.

Married at First Sight Season 14 premieres Wednesday, January 5th, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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