One Masked Singer contestant almost quit right before filming began

The Masked Singer contestants
The Masked Singer contestants. Pic credit: Fox

The Masked Singer is more than halfway through its seventh season, and already there has been more controversy than in past seasons.

From contestants blindly falling from the stage to a singer walking off the stage in anger when she ended up in the bottom two, the show has been filled with drama. Add in a very controversial political figure, and it has been more entertaining behind the scenes than in front of the cameras.

It turns out this controversy has been building since before the cameras started rolling.

It appears that one of the contestants almost quit the show just two days before filming started.

The Masked Singer almost lost a contestant early on

TMZ reports that one of the contestants on The Masked Singer almost quit the show just two days before the cameras started rolling.

This would have been catastrophic for the show.

It takes a long time to tailor and specialize the costumes for the specific stars, and if someone quit before the cameras started rolling, there would have been no time to find a replacement and get them fitted for their specific costume.

The good news for The Masked Singer is that they did damage control and saved the season by dealing with the celeb’s problems.

Reportedly, several things played into the contestant’s decision to quit, from not feeling prepared for the competition to feeling restrained in the costume and mask.

While the name of the contestant was not revealed, TMZ did report that this was a pro and someone used to live stage performances. It was just the costume that threw them off.

Who it was is a mystery, but TMZ did say the singer was a strong performer and has a chance to win, meaning it is not someone who was already eliminated.

Controversy on The Masked Singer this season

Anyone who has been following the behind-the-scenes moments from The Masked Singer this season might have an idea of who this contestant might be.

While there is no proof, Firefly has been involved in several moments of controversy this season.

In her very first performance, Firefly began to choke and had to be taken backstage for medical attention before returning and singing her song.

In her second performance, she was in the bottom two, and Firefly ended up walking off the stage in protest and anger because she felt she deserved better.

She ended up winning her grouping anyway and moved on to the finals, where she has a strong chance of winning.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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