Olumide Onajide goes dancing, expresses interest in joining Dancing with the Stars

Olumide Onajide in orange
Could Olumide Onajide’s dance skills land him on Dancing with the Stars? Pic credit: ABC

Olumide Onajide is a beloved star among Bachelor Nation, and fans are eager to see him back on their screens after his appearance on The Bachelorette Season 18. 

It seems Olumide is also interested in making a return to ABC as he made mention of Dancing with the Stars in his latest dance post. 

Olumide Onajide feels ready for Dancing with the Stars 

Olumide Onajide recently took to Instagram to show off his smooth dance moves at a dance class. 

In the video, Olu dances with his partner to songs by artists such as Earth, Wind & Fire and he seems to have a natural knack for the art of dance. Although, Olu did admit the class was tiring. 

In his caption, Olu wrote, “Shout Out to @kaitemmott for the dance class invite to @fadsuppermontclair and thank you @makoco66 for dragging my a** out.” 

Interestingly, Olu concluded his caption by teasing, “I think I’m dancing with the stars ready.” 

A Bachelor page shared the video of Olu’s dance moves and also seemed to think Olu was ready for Dancing with the Stars. The text over Olu’s video read, “King Swolu on the [dance] floor…DWTS anyone??? Well done @kindolu30.”

Potentially reaffirming his interest in Dancing with the Stars, Olu reshared the post. 

Olumide on the dance floor
Pic credit: @bachelornationworldwide/Instagram

Bachelor Nation roots for Olumide Onajide to be the next Bachelor 

While Olu may have his sights set on Dancing with the Stars, Bachelor Nation also has expressed their desire to see Olumide take the leading role on The Bachelor.

After pursuing Michelle Young on The Bachelorette Season 18, viewers found themselves drawn to Olu both inside and out

Olu has many sides to him and, while he’s nicknamed “Swolu” for how muscular and fit he is, he also proved to have a soft side and an endearing heart. 

Olu’s heart was especially on display when he and Michelle had a heart to heart about Black women and how they can often feel invisible. Olu became emotional as he opened up about his sisters and how important it is to make sure his beautiful Black sisters always feel seen. 

The Bachelorette viewers also appreciated when Olu stood up for himself when fellow castmate Chris S. attacked his intelligence during the dramatic and petty Men Tell All. 

Whether it be competing on Dancing with the Stars or strutting his stuff as the next lead of The Bachelor, fans certainly are hoping to see more of Olumide Onajide. 

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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