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Olivia Kaiser responds to Love Island USA fans who question her facial enhancements

Olivia Kaiser from Love Island USA
Olivia Kaiser from Love Island USA gets dolled up. Pic credit: @oliviaannkaiser/Instagram

Olivia Kaiser was one-half of the winners of Love Island USA Season 3 along with Korey Gandy.

Since the show ended, fans have been watching to see where this couple might end up and many fans have noticed that Olivia has made some changes to her appearance.

Olivia did a Q&A on her Instagram Live Stories and one fan asked her about the changes.

Olivia Kaiser explains her cosmetic facial changes

One of the fans asked a question in what seems like a degrading manner.

The question was “why did u change so much of yourself after u got the 59k.”

The question seemingly aimed to accuse Olivia of doing different things to herself since winning the show, and the Love Island USA critic also made it sound as though they knew what Olivia was like before she appeared on Love Island USA.

Olivia answered the question and set the fan straight.

“So, I get this question often,” Olivia began. “I’ve been in the beauty industry for eight years. I’ve always been into cosmetic enhancements. It’s always how I’ve been.

“The only difference is now I’m bringing a lot of people along to watch me do it. So, if you think that, I’m sorry.”

Olivia IG Stories
Pic credit: @oliviaannkaiser/Instagram

Olivia Kaiser works in the beauty business

A lot of people who point out the changes to Olivia Kaiser’s appearance seem to think she is having injections or plastic surgery work done.

However, those that are aware of what Olivia does for a living understand that she works in the beauty industry. Kaiser is a 28-year-old who owns her own cosmetology business in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Kaiser is a licensed cosmetologist certified in permanent makeup. She specializes in lip blushing, micro-blading, and permanent eyeliner. She said she “tattoos faces.”

Her business is Livbeautifullyaz, and her bio is featured on the company website.

Not only does Olivia make cosmetic enhancements to herself, but her occupation has her making these changes to other women’s faces at her business.

Olivia appears proud of her beauty business and cosmetic enhancements. Critics that insult her appearance seem to be unaware of who Olivia is and what she does for a living.

Since leaving the show, Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy have explored their relationship and it looks like Korey has relocated to Arizona to join Olivia there.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. You can relive the entire third season right now on Paramount+ streaming.

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