OG from Basketball Wives’ ‘toe picture’ is making the rounds after a closeup of her feet at the reunion

OG’s feet are trending again after the second part of the Basketball Wives Reunion. Pic credit: VH1

OG has been trending for many things this season — her colorism accusations, her alleged aggression, the lawsuits against her. But OG’s feet have become pretty popular as well. And now they’re trending because once again, the reunion look wasn’t her best according to VH1 viewers.

The camera zoomed in on OG’s lower half at the reunion, and they show OG’s feet looking like they could use a pedicure.

Now OG is a retired football player, so we must take that into consideration. However, the keyword here is “retired.” So visiting the local nail salon for a Deluxe Pedi might not be a bad idea.

Some of the viewers agree. One said, “LOL so OG covered the toes this time and the cameraman STILL went to her feet the shade is so real #BasketballWives.”

Another viewer said, “1. The camera men are petty! 2. OG have we not learned. Buy a smaller size of you feet are sliding. Or don’t wake at peep toe heels.”

Then there’s this wonderful little gem. “Catching up on #BasketballWives and y’all seen OG feet ain’t no way @ochocinco was feeling her… if you know then you know.”

The viewer went on to clarify, saying, “That man has some pretty specific wants and needs when it comes to a woman’s feet.”

Of course, some fans of OG had her back. One fan said, “I don’t stare too hard at folk’s pics. I wouldn’t have seen her toes unless someone pointed it out. Either way, [poop emoji] happens! It’s not like OG’s feet were too big for the shoe.”

Another viewer tweeted, “Evelyn, the toe joke wasn’t funny. No one saw it until you mentioned it. OG’s was wearing high heels and her feet were sliding down. It does happen. Stop with your OG obsession.”

And this viewer says Evelyn Lozada is the problem, writing, “Soo Evelyn says she is all about ‘women empowerment’ But keeps on making fun of OG’s feet & giving her petty ass names about her appearance. Way to go you venenous & envious woman.”

One thing is for sure, OG’s feet are very popular right now and for all the wrong reasons.

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