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Night One Bachelor Contestant reveals she spent over $2000 on clothes in a viral TikTok

Bachelor contestant Daria Rose goes viral for her TikTok video on how much bachelor contestants spend.
Bachelor contestant Daria Rose went viral on TikTok for spending over $2000 on her Bachelor wardrobe. Pic credit:

Bachelor contestant Daria Rose revealed in a viral TikTok that she spent over $2000 on clothes for her short-lived appearance.

Daria Rose made a significant impression on Bachelor fans despite being sent home ib night one by Bachelor Clayton Echard. Daria’s TikTok talking about her experience has since been viewed over one million times.

Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants are responsible for their own hair, makeup, and wardrobe, according to Daria, which can add up to a significant sum given none of the contestants know exactly how long they will be staying.

In the video, Daria takes viewers through each dress she purchased for the show and how much they cost.

Daria Rose’s viral TikTok and Bachelor wardrobe

Some of Daria’s choices included a pink Elle Woods-inspired pantsuit from Remove and a green gown from Alamour the Lable, which both cost around $420 each.

She also showed off the blue dress she bought for her night one entrance, which she purchased from Lord and Taylor for $198.

A screengrab from Daria's TikTok shows off her blue night one gown and where to buy it at Lord and Taylor.
Daria Rose shows off her night one Bachelor dress pick and where to find it. Pic credit: @daria.rose/TikTok

All together, Daria’s Bachelor wardrobe totaled up to $2238 and consisted of seven different outfits. Sadly, Daria was only able to wear her night one choice before she was sent home.

She responded to a comment on her video that she will still be wearing the dresses and to follow her Instagram account for more.

Bachelor contestant Daria Rose’s TikTok on how much she spent on dresses goes viral. Pic credit: @daria.rose/TikTok

The Bachelor contestant also joked that if anyone needed a new dress, they could reach out to her.

Trending Twitter tweet said Daria was ‘overqualified’ for the show

Daria made headlines again when she trended on Twitter despite her early exit. Fans were impressed by the extensive academic success of the 24-year-old law student.

Daria was admitted to seven Ivy League schools, graduated from Harvard, and is currently a law student at Yale.

This viral tweet stating “Daria is over qualified for the position” was liked over 4,800 times and featured by Daria herself on her Instagram account.

Pic credit: @_AttorneyAtPaw/Twitter

Daria’s followers and viewers of her TikTok video also appreciated her comment stating that she had wanted to buy all of her clothes from black designers, however not everything was shipped in time.

Daria Rose responds to a comment on TikTok stating that she wanted to buy from all black designers but the dresses hadn't shipped in time.
Pic credit: @daria.rose/TikTok

Bachelor nation contestants speak out about show expenses

Daria is not the first contestant to speak out about the cost of appearing on the Bachelor or Bachelorette. Jillian Harris, a contestant on the 13th season of the Bachelor, wrote in her blog that she spent around $8,000 and had to re-mortgage her house to afford all of her clothing.

In addition to their formal wear, contestants are instructed to bring enough clothing to cover all occasions and the entirety of their stay. Contestants are also unpaid for their appearance, and some even end up quitting their jobs for the opportunity.

What is Daria up to after her Bachelor appearance?

Daria herself said she planned to focus on her studies again in an Instagram post dedicated to her time on the show.

“At the end of my exit interview, my producer asked me ‘what’s next?’ And I replied, ‘f**king graduate.’ And that’s exactly what I plan to do.” Daria wrote.

Pic credit: @darilynmonrosee/Instagram

The Bachelor returns Monday, January 24th at 8/7c on ABC.

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