Nicole Nafziger’s mom defends her after 90 Day Fiance star gets stuck in Morocco with Azan Tefou

Robbalee and Nicole on a 90 Day Fiance Tell All.
Robbalee and Nicole on a 90 Day Fiance Tell All. Pic Credit: TLC

Nicole Nafziger is one of 90 Day Fiance’s most controversial cast members ever. She first appeared on season 4 with her Moroccan boyfriend Azan Tefou.

Their relationship was full of red flags. Upon first meeting Nicole, Azan said “she is big a little bit.” He also called her lazy and was constantly trying to get her to change her diet and exercise habits.

On the other hand, Nicole regularly complained about Moroccan culture. The two seemed to be constantly lying to each other and their families, and Nicole’s choice to introduce her daughter May to Azan — and insist that May call him “daddy” — angered many fans.

Nicole’s Morocco trip has sparked controversy

Recently, Nicole raised eyebrows by documenting a trip to Morocco on her Instagram account. She claims to have headed over to Morocco to see Azan, but fans are skeptical, particularly because Azan is rumored to have a secret wife and son.

Some accuse Nicole of outright lying about the trip while using old photos of her and Azan. Others think she may have made the trip uninvited.

Nicole is known to lie. For instance, fans witnessed her lying to her mother about plans to open a store with Azan in Morocco. This behavior left viewers skeptical while causing her to be controversial among the show’s fans.

Even fans who believe that Nicole is in Morocco aren’t really on her side. She has faced criticism for traveling during the global pandemic and for leaving May in the care of her mother Robbalee. On March 15, Morocco completely closed its air and sea borders, so travelers are essentially stranded there. That means that Robbalee will now need to care for May on an indefinite basis, doing so until the borders re-open.

Robbalee defended Nicole on Instagram

However, Robbalee does not seem to mind. Defending Nicole, she put fan questions about her daughter’s honesty to rest by confirming that Nicole is, indeed, traveling.

Robbalee recently responded to one hostile fan on Instagram.

“I would rather have her here,” Robbalee said of her daughter’s travel plans.

“But she is in charge of her own life and has to make her own decisions. I can only guide her to a better one. The rest is up to her.”

Robbalee also explained that her relationship with Nicole is just fine and that May is doing well.

“I love her no matter what,” Robbalee said of her daughter, “Thank you for your concern! May is doing great!”

While fans are relieved to learn that May is doing well, they’ll likely continue to worry about Nicole’s questionable choices. Hopefully, May will be able to see her mother again soon.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 


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4 years ago

Robbalee, you are stronger & more understanding than I would be if I were you. I would have cut Nicole off financially & filed for custody of May a long time ago. There’s no reason May should be calling him daddy & especially considering it’s not the first guy she’s introduced her to as ‘daddy’ that wasn’t actually her daddy. And the Azan crap is a whole other load of crap.

4 years ago

Azan just seems like he is trying to ….eek….out….any…time…with…Nicole. What a sad visual for this young woman to throw herself at this guy. There are American guys who probably would consider her a good catch, she works, she travels, she likes her life mostly. Why isn’t she willing to stay in the states, save her money, raise her kid and find a nice comfortable life? What is she missing that she insists on a man who does not follow her culture and religion, and on that hand, what is his issue that he is willing to follow a girl (who has had sex and a baby already)…when this is a cause for punishment in many Muslim countries. I just can’t follow any of this without a cringe and a laugh…so so sad, embarassing, and mostly cringeworthy…Azan, Mohammad, Jay. They could have a man club…Michael, p***y whipped. Usman, desperate. I am shocked that these men in their own countries would allow themselves to be filmed in such embarassing relationships. Someone should make a P#ussy whip meme for a lot of the 90 day Men…and Cat Girl Handcuffs for the women to hold their men.

4 years ago

Why is Nicoles last name not the same as Azan.. Did she do this 90 day Bs Before with some other foreigner..