90 Day Fiance’s Nicole Nafziger with Azan Tefou in Morocco: ‘So happy to finally be with my love again’

Nicole and Azan in Morocco
Nicole is back in Morocco for a quick visit with Azan. Pic credit: TLC

Nicole Nafziger has been teasing followers for weeks about an upcoming trip, often asking them to guess where she was going. Naturally, we all assumed the 90 Day Fiance star was headed to Morocco to see Azan Tefou and it turns out we were right.

Just a few days ago, after telling followers that she was working her last shift at Starbucks before her big trip, she did confirm that she’d be heading to Casablanca for a short trip to see her “love.”

She also promised to share moments from the trip in her Instagram stories and nowhere else. Don’t expect to see any of this on 90 Day Fiance or any of the spin-offs.

Nicole takes off

On Wednesday, Nicole Nafziger shared a string of photos in her Instagram stories to show each leg of her flight. She said hello and goodbye to Paris and then commented on the clouds looking like cotton.

She also pointed out Spain as the plane flew over and then shared another photo as her plane landed in Casablanca, Morocco.

Clearly, Nicole wasn’t worried about the coronavirus that has been causing so many not to travel, especially not internationally. Maybe she was taking advantage of low ticket prices and small crowds at the airport right now.

Nicole is back in Azan’s arms

It didn’t take long for Nicole to find Azan at the airport in Casablanca. That was cause for celebration, so rather than sharing in her Instagram stories, Nicole shared her photo with Azan on her main page.

“So happy to finally be with my love again,” Nicole captioned the sweet selfie with Azan.

And despite not filming for 90 Day Fiance (or perhaps because of it), Nicole and Azan look happy to see each other.

As Nicole has shared with fans, this is just a short trip so May is not with her this time around. We also don’t expect there to be wedding bells during this Morocco trip, as Nicole hasn’t teased about anything like that since last year when she was supposed to have a summer wedding and never made it over.

What we do know is that Nicole has promised to share plenty of pictures from the visit so we expect to get lots of updates. As usual, Azan has not updated his social media and has not commented on the trip.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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