Nick Jonas making return to reality TV one year after leaving The Voice

Nick Jonas on The Voice
Nick Jonas on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

The Voice fans fell in love with Nick Jonas when he came and coached on the show for two seasons.

While he never won, he was a part of the coaching chairs for Season 18 and Season 20.

In Season 18, Nick finished in third place with Thunderstorm Artis. He left the show the next season, with Gwen Stefani returning, but when she left again for her residency in Vegas, Nick returned for Season 20.

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Nick was a fourth-place finisher that season with Rachel Mac.

After that, Nick left again and Ariana Grande replaced him for Season 21.

In 2022, Nick Jonas is returning to reality TV, but this time it isn’t with The Voice.

Nick Jonas joins judges of Dancing with Myself

Dancing with Myself is a new dance reality show that will air on NBC, so at least Nick is remaining with the same network.

This is very different from something like Dancing with the Stars because the contestants here are regular people who have to learn choreography on the spot.

It was influenced by TikTok videos that Shakira championed.

Nick Jonas will be a judge alongside Shakira and Liza Koshy. Initially, Shaquille O’Neal was going to be the third judge, but he pulled out and Nick replaced him.

According to Deadline, Shaquille left the production when technical difficulties caused NBC to delay the production. The difficulties were reportedly due to the elaborate stage design.

He should also be a better choice than Shaq because Nick will also help create the dance challenges on the show as well.

What is Dancing with Myself?

There was a viral dance challenge on TikTok using the song, Girl Like Me by The Black Eyed Peas. The entire basis was for fans to follow in her footsteps and upload their own versions.

That is how Dancing with Myself will work.

Normal people will be placed into pods and shown high-energy dance routines. They will then have to watch the dance and replicate it while adding their own unique flair to the performance.

They will then have to perform the dance in front of a live studio audience.

The judges will provide instant feedback and choose their favorites as each round progresses throughout the season.

However, it is the studio audience that will decide who wins the competition each night and takes home the cash prize.

Dancing with Myself will premiere later in 2022.

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