Former Voice coach Shakira starting new dancing reality show on NBC

Shakira performing in Florida. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/GTCRFOTO

There have been rumors that NBC would be getting a new reality dancing competition and now those rumors have come true.

While Tom Bergeron has hinted a dancing reality show could be on the way to the network, there is now confirmation that a former coach from NBC’s The Voice is starting her own reality show.

Shakira is going to star in and executive produce the show Dancing with Myself.

Shakira creating new dance reality show on NBC

Billboard reported that Shakira will star in and produce a new dancing reality series called Dancing with Myself, and it is based on her own viral dance challenge for Girl Like Me.

Girl Like Me was a song by The Black Eyed Peas and Shakira and it became a viral TikTok challenge in 2020. The entire challenge was to have fans follow her footsteps in the music video.

That is how Dancing With Myself will play out, with the show focusing on high-spirit dancing while trying to find the best dancers from around the world.

“I’m excited to be a part of a dance competition that places such a high value on creative movement and how it translates into personal expression, not to mention how it contributes to a sense of community,” Shakira said in a press statement.

Shakira went on to say that she was blown away by the talent she has seen just on social media.

“Dance has been an incredibly potent force throughout my life, and I’m eager to show the world how transformative, empowering and fun it can be,” she said.

What will Dancing with Myself look like?

On Shakira’s Dancing with Myself, a new group will compete on the show each week of the season.

These groups will compete in challenges that celebrities that appear on the show create. Shakira will be one of the celebrities creating the challenges.

While isolated in pods, the contestants will have to learn the new routine in the challenge and add their own flair to it before performing in front of a studio audience.

From the sound of it, this will be a TikTok dance challenge brought to a television series.

Shakira and other judges will give feedback, but it is the studio audience that gets to decide who wins the Best Dancer of the Night each week to win the prize money.

There is no word on when Dancing with Myself will premiere on NBC.

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