NeNe Leakes shades Bravo stars, says she should have been ‘bigger’ than Kim Kardashian

RHOA alum NeNe Leakes and The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian.
NeNe Leakes says Kim Kardashian was pushed to the forefront during their rise to fame. Pic credit ©

Part two of NeNe Leakes bombshell interview with Carlos King was just released, and as predicted the outspoken reality TV star did not hold back.

During their chat, the former Real Housewives of Atlant star talked about Kim Kardashian and admitted that she should be bigger than the Hulu star — or at least on the same level.

People may not remember that back in the day — before Kim became super famous — she and NeNe were friends.

The duo was both on the come-up together and were seen hanging out at events, but after a while their friendship fizzled out.

Fast forward to now, and Kim Kardashian is the biggest reality TV star on the planet, alongside her famous family.

However, NeNe believes that her star should have risen just as high as her former friend, and she delved into that during her chat with Carlos.

RHOA alum NeNe Leakes believes she should be bigger than Kim Kardashian

NeNe didn’t hold back during her chat with the former RHOA producer, and he had a lot of questions for the OG.

Kim Kardashian became a topic of conversation when Carlos asked if she should be as big as the The Kardashians star.

“Absolutely, it not, bigger right there with her,” responded NeNe.

However, the mom of two said the powers that be pushed Kim into the spotlight, and they didn’t do the same for her.

“I feel like they pushed Kim, and they didn’t push me. Kim came on after me and they opened up every door and every opportunity for her” reasoned NeNe. “They pushed Kim to the front and pushed me to the back.”

“They” seemingly referred to NBCUniversal, which owns the E! network where Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired, and Bravo which airs the Housewives franchise.

NeNe noted that Kim and her sisters could plug their brands and promote their business on the show, while on RHOA they were restricted from doing a lot of that.

“Whenever we had businesses it felt like we couldn’t really show them that much on our show, but on their show all they do is talk about her businesses,” explained NeNe.

“They pushed Kim to the front and pushed me to the back…I think that was the way they wanted it to be,” she added.

Did NeNe Leakes have a falling out with Kim Kardashian?

A few years ago, NeNe was asked about a possible falling out with Kim during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

People noticed that the pair were no longer hanging out together and a viewer asked about that on the late-night show.

“Kim and I were never super tight. We were friends. I like Kim, she likes me but it’s not like we were tight like that,” said the 55-year-old laughingly.

“So no, we’ve not had a falling out, in fact, I think Kim is very nice.”

Check out NeNe’s interview with Carlos King below.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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