Nayte Olukoya surprises Michelle Young in Minneapolis

Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya
Nayte Olukoya shocks fiancee Michelle Young in a surprise visit to Minnesota. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette’s Nayte Olukoya drove to Minneapolis to surprise fiancée Michelle Young, and her family was in on it.

The former contestant took to Instagram to share the sweet moment captured on video where Michelle first caught sight of her long-distance fiancé.

Michelle was shocked by his appearance several days early and could barely contain her excitement.

Nayte Olukoya surprises Michelle Young with the help of her family

Nayte, who still lives in Austin, Texas, drove into Minneapolis several days early to visit Michelle, who was seemingly kept in the dark with the help of her family.

As Michelle was busy greeting her mom with a long hug, Nayte sneaks up behind the two and strikes a pose as he waits for her to notice. Michelle’s parents, who are beloved by Bachelor Nation, seemed to be in on the surprise as they distracted Michelle long enough for Nayte to get into position.

When she finally turned around, the Bachelorette was so shocked that it took her a moment to realize the man standing behind her was Nayte.

Nayte Olukoya Insta
Pic credit: @kingbabatunde/Instagram

“What? What? What?” Michelle yelled while Nayte laughed along and wrapped her in a hug. “Oh my god, what are you doing here?”

The group appeared thrilled with the surprise as Michelle’s dad grinned from the doorway and her mom documented the event.

“Drove to Minneapolis a few days early to surprise this patootie,” Nayte captioned the video.

Michelle Young reunites with fiancé Nayte Olukoya

Michelle reposted the video with the caption, “Hands down the best surprise.”

Michelle Young
Pic credit: @michelleyoung/Instagram

Nayte followed the sweet video up with a shot of Michelle and his dog Percy. Even Percy could barely contain his excitement as he was pictured rolling around on the floor with Michelle.  

Nayte Olukoya Insta
Pic credit: @kingbabatunde/Instagram

The couple revealed after the show that Nayte planned to move to Minnesota with Michelle, but the two recently opened up about taking the decision slow.

Both Michelle and Nayte have been working hard to connect across the distance over the past several months.

Their reunion comes on the heels of another long awaited get together. Nayte joined Michelle Young’s three other finalists to celebrate Rodney Mathews’ 30th birthday.

Michelle has previously spent time with her finalists after the show but did not join Nayte for the party.

Nayte and Michelle have not confirmed if or when they will be moving in together, but the couple are still going strong months after their engagement.

The Bachelorette returns on July 11th on ABC.

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