Nayte Olukoya claps back at backlash over Michelle Young breakup — Says he did not cheat

Nayte Olukoya
Nayte Olukoya claps back at critics. Pic credit: ABC

The Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young break-up has been talked about since they both individually made statements on social media announcing their split. Nayte has now come out and claimed that he did not cheat on Michelle.

While fans still don’t know what exactly happened and may never learn, there has been a great deal of speculation going around throughout Bachelor Nation.

Because of the unknown and little detail surrounding the duo breaking up, some people have been a bit harsh toward Nayte; therefore, he felt like he needed to clear the air on some things.

Nayte Olukoya sends out a message about his break-up with Michelle Young

Nayte started out by saying how thankful he has been for his family and friends during this hard time because they have been there for him.

He went on to state that what some people in Bachelor Nation are saying is not true, and he has been painted as the bad guy in the whole situation.

Because of the backlash he has received, he has decided to address some points from his side of things and will continue to stay positive throughout his journey.

As Nayte made a list of things for Bachelor Nation to read, he addressed what he has heard and what people have been saying about him since the break-up.

Nayte addresses list of rumors for Bachelor Nation

As Nayte addressed these critics, he clapped back on his first point as he relayed to everyone he did not cheat on Michelle, and that someone doesn’t need to take the blame every time a relationship ends. He also felt that people painted him as the bad guy, possibly because of his tattoos and piercings.

Nayte stated how hurtful the split has been for him, and he truly did believe that Michelle was his person to go through life with. He also wrote that he shouldn’t have been labeled as a red flag just because he was inexperienced in love.

He also addressed a $200,000 check for a down payment on a house, that he and Michelle received. Nayte had said he couldn’t wait to move in together. However, almost a year later, he was still in Texas and Michelle in Minnesota. According to Nayte, they decided there was no rush, and they wanted to get to know each other even more before taking that big of a step.

Nayte also revealed that just because someone in a relationship goes to a bar, doesn’t mean they are cheating.

He ended his list by saying how hard the breakup was, and explained the pressures of being in the public eye. Nayte said both he and Michelle were deeply saddened by the end of their time together.

Nayte stated he would never live his life based on how others think he should live it and wanted fans to know he appreciates those who have been kind and respectful to the former couple.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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2 years ago

Please remain friends! The two of you are beautiful!