Nathan Griffith hospitalized after fight with his mom: Teen Mom 2 dad threatened to take his own life

Nathan Griffith
Nathan Griffith was hospitalized after a fight. Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom 2 star Nathan Griffith was involved in a fight with his mom on New Year’s Day that left him in the hospital.

Apparently, the fight was over a car accident. The cops showed up at his mom’s house, where Nathan told them that his mother had driven her car into his. It happened on private property, so the cops couldn’t do much. They had to work things out on their own.

TMZ reports that his mother and he got into an argument, where harsh words were exchanged. Things got so bad that Nathan locked her out of her house and he only let her in after she apologized. Once she was inside the house, Nathan decided to leave, threatening that he might take his own life.

Kaiser was reportedly in the home the entire time of the incident. His mom tried to call him on his phone, 50 times in fact, before she reached out to police for help.

When the police found Nathan, he was upset but denied that he wanted to hurt himself. He did agree to go in for a mental evaluation. He was there for 5 hours before the doctors determined that he wasn’t a danger to himself.

About three weeks after the incident, Jenelle took to Twitter and lashed out at what appeared to be Nathan. She would delete the tweets shortly after, but Monsters & Critics managed to get screengrabs of the them before they were gone.

Here, she talked about how she wanted the focus to be on the child and how she didn’t want everything to be a competition. She ended the Twitter rant by saying that everything would be out soon and that it was a sad situation for her son.

She didn’t mention Kaiser or Nathan by name at the time, but it’s possible her deleted tweets were about this incident.

Back in November, Jenelle and Nathan were first spotted together with Kaiser after she filed for divorce from David Eason. At the time, Nathan revealed he was thrilled with Jenelle’s decision and that they now had a great co-parenting relationship.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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