Natasha Parker, Tia Booth, and Joe Amabile reveal on their podcast how they got cast on Bachelor Nation shows

Click Bait with Bachelor Nation co-hosts
Tia Booth, Natasha Parker, and Joe Amabile dish on how they were cast. Pic credit: ABC

Joe Amabile, Natasha Parker, and Tia Booth are all well-known for their appearances on the past on the Bachelor Nation shows.

However, they are also still very present in the Bachelor world as co-hosts for the podcast Click Bait with Bachelor Nation.

While Joe found love in last summer’s season of Bachelor in Paradise, both Tia and Natasha have also benefited from being on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise.

But how did the three Bachelor Nation alums get their start on the shows?

During their most recent episode of Click Bait with Bachelor Nation, the three co-hosts talked about their experience with the show and how they got cast as contestants in the first place.

Tia spoke first as she relayed to viewers that she was referred by her friend, Raven Gates. She stated, “Raven messaged me as she was literally leaving Finland at the end of her season. She told me how fun it was and how I had to apply. So then next time to apply rolled around and I did and went through all the steps of meeting with the producers in Nashville and L.A. Then they told me I was on.”

Natasha also stated on the podcast that she got cast due to a connection to the show as well. She discussed that a friend of hers was actually a producer on the show.

She relayed that she “had been trying to get me on the show for six years and I didn’t want to leave my corporate job to be on the show. Then I quit my corporate job and she was like, ‘Well, you’re not working, so no excuses. Can I send an email?’”

Natasha went on to state that she knew what The Bachelor was but had never watched it herself. However, that didn’t stop producers from giving her a shot, and she got cast about three days before she had to leave to start filming.

Joe Amabile revealed he didn’t have any connections to the show and his chance was luck

When Joe was asked about his experience of being cast, he started by saying he had no connections like the other two co-hosts did.

Joe declared that he was asked by a lady at Whole Foods if he’d ever consider going on a Bachelor show. They asked him to record a video and send it in, but he didn’t do it because he had no social media.

However, the producers still reached back out; in fact, Joe said they “called me because they didn’t get my video and I appreciated the offer but said I wanted to pass.”

But after they said he could just do a Zoom call instead of making his own video, Joe agreed. After that, the producers flew to Chicago, met Joe face-to-face, and then flew him to L.A.

Tia, Natasha, and Joe all told viewers on the podcast how thankful they were that they were given the chance to be on the Bachelor Nation shows and that the experience has made such an impact on all three of their lives. For the rest of this episode of Click Bait with Bachelor Nation, click here.

The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, July 11 on ABC.

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