Myrla Feria shares photos with her MAFS besties Rachel and Brett

Myrla Feria in a red lip
Myrla built a close friendship with fellow MAFS costars Rachel and Brett. Pic credit: Lifetime

Myrla Feria had an abrupt falling out with ex-husband Gil Cuero, which led many MAFS fans to turn against her. 

However, the bonds she built with some of the women from her season appear to still be going strong. 

Myrla recently shared some behind-the-scenes photos from the moments she shared with good friends and fellow Married at First Sight Season 13 costars Rachel and Brett.

Myrla, Rachel, and Brett take ‘last day of filming’ selfies 

In a series of photos on Myrla’s Instagram stories, the self-proclaimed diva showed off some moments with the two women she seems to have become closest to during the season. 

Myrla reposted one of Rachel’s posts that included the three ladies all making faces in separate selfies. 

Myrla noted that the three all took these pictures at the same time to seemingly commemorate their final day of filming for the show. 

Myrla, Brett, and Rachel selfies
Pic credit: @myrla.feria/Instagram

In another photo on Myrla’s IG stories, she shared a throwback photo that Rachel shared in July. In the photo, Rachel wrote, “With my boos.”

Myrla, Brett, and Rachel all posed together and smiled while wearing what looks to be workout attire. Perhaps this sporty selfie was taken during one of their volleyball games.

It was mentioned during the shocking MAFS reunion that Brett, Rachel, Myrla, and Johnny all developed a bond after playing volleyball together for the show, and because of how well they played together they later formed a team and continued to play volleyball against other teams. 

Along with the reposted photo, Myrla included the text “I love you!”

Myrla, Rachel, and Brett in workout clothes
Pic credit: @myrla.feria

Myrla and Rachel share a love for sunsets 

Myrla also shared a photo of her and Rachel with their faces turned away from the camera as they both look out at a gorgeous sunset over the beach. 

Myrla and Rachel already had unique things in common including marrying a stranger and saying yes on Decision Day only to split later on, but it turns out that they also share a common love for sunsets as well. 

Myrla wrote, “We both love sunsets” over the pretty photo. 

Myrla and Rachel look as a sunset
Pic credit: @myrla.feria/Instagram

Married at First Sight may have a small percentage of marriages that it’s produced, especially from the latest season, but the show certainly remains consistent in introducing the cast to lifelong friendships with one another. 

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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