My 600-Lb Life update: Here’s what happened to Nikki Webster

Nikki Webster from My 600-Lb Life.
Nikki Webster turned her life around during her weight loss journey. Pic credit: TLC

TLC’s hit show, My 600-Lb Life has been on the air for nine years. In that time, Dr. Nowzaradan has helped dozens of patients navigate their weight loss journey in an attempt to build a better life for themselves.

One of those patients was Nikki Webster.

Nikki was first featured on Season 4 of My 600-Lb Life. At the time, Nikki weighed in at 650 pounds and her weight was affecting every aspect of her life. She was unable to do the simplest of tasks, even washing her body was taxing on her.

Thankfully, Nikki met Dr. Nowzaradan at his clinic in Houston, Texas, where she began a process that would change her life. After receiving bariatric surgery to help Nikki with her weight loss, Nikki found herself struggling to fight off cravings.

“I have been losing weight over the past month,” she said during the Season 4 episode. “It’s getting harder though. My cravings are slowly coming back.”

So where is Nikki now?

Nikki maintained her weight loss

Despite her setbacks, Nikki managed to continue losing weight. She then returned to the show in a 2017 Where Are They Now? episode where fans got to see just how far she had come in her weight loss journey.

In the two years since first appearing on the show, Nikki had dropped significant weight, but it wasn’t until her follow up with Dr. Nowzaradan that she found out just how much weight she had lost.

Stepping on the scale revealed that Nikki had gone from a starting weight of 650 pounds all the way down to 194 pounds. Meaning she had lost a total of 455 pounds.

Dr. Nowzaradan was proud of Nikki for all the changes she’d managed to make in her life.

“Nikki is back to making good progress and she’s very close to her target weight,” he said.

Nikki also found love

In addition to her substantial weight loss, Nikki also found love for herself along the way. Also during the Where Are They Now? special, Nikki introduced her boyfriend.

Then, taking to her social media, she revealed that not only did the whirlwind romance lead to love, but it also led to a proposal and marriage.

Providing an update on Instagram, Nikki wrote, “INSTAGRAMMMMM!! It’s been way too long and about 8 months..which have been a whirlwind because:;”

She then broke down all of the events that had occurred in the last few months. Nikki revealed that not only had she gotten engaged to her boyfriend, Marc, but the two also tied the knot two months later.

The caption continued to explain how “ridiculously and blissfully in love and happy” she was with married life.

Nikki continues to keep her followers updated over on her Instagram and it’s thrilling to see just how far she’s come.

My 600-Lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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