My 600-Lb Life: Here’s what Geno Dacunto and Nico Martone look like today

Geno Dacunto and Nico Martone give fans an update on their weight loss journeys.
Geno Dacunto and Nico Martone are featured in the Season 11 premiere of My 600-Lb Life. Pic credit: TLC

Season 11 of My 600-Lb Life is here with a new group of participants eager to change their lives with the help of bariatric surgeon Dr. Nowzaradan.

The season kicked off telling the story of Geno Dacunto, who struggled with his weight his entire life. After graduating from culinary school, his size prevented him from advancing his career as a chef.

Viewers were then introduced to Nico Martone, who said food always played a major role in their family and became one main reason he also struggled with obesity.

Wanting to support his cousin while also changing his life, Nico joined Geno on a weight loss journey.

The two created an exercise routine and started to follow the diet plan laid out in Dr. Now’s detailed book.

After months of discipline and hard work, the cousins moved to Houston to complete Dr. Now’s intense program and were both approved for bariatric surgery.

Here’s what Geno Dacunto and Nico Martone look like now

Shortly after their episode aired, Nico posted a photo with his cousin showing off their slimmer physiques.

My 600-Lb Life stars Geno Dacunto and Nico Martone share a weight loss update.
Geno Dacunto and Nico Martone watched their episode of My 600-Lb Life together. Pic credit: Nico Martone/Facebook

Since changing his diet and having surgery, Geno lost over 260 pounds. With a starting weight of 684 pounds, he still has a long journey ahead of him to get to his target weight. His Facebook account shows glimpses of his progress and his new life as he attempts to break free of his old habits.

Nico started at 431 pounds and lost over 130 pounds with the help of his surgery. Throughout the show, he was a voice of reason for Geno and provided the motivation they both needed to stick to their diets. Since filming ended, he is continuing to work out and lead a healthier lifestyle.

According to their social media pages, both Geno and Nico have returned to their hometowns in Connecticut. Geno is still with his girlfriend, Jessica, whom he began dating on the show. Nico is also still with his girlfriend, Rose. The two are now engaged to be married.

Fans of My 600-Lb Life can follow Dr. Now’s diet plan

With the show’s popularity, many fans may wonder how they can change their diet by following Dr. Now’s plan. To help with that, he has written a book called The Scale Does Not Lie, People Do.

The book gives readers a breakdown of what causes obesity and how to combat it regardless of one’s size. It also helps to provide an understanding of overall wellness and the importance of a balanced diet.

This is the same book that Dr. Now gives participants of the show after their initial appointment. He says it has all the guidelines and food lists to help readers lose weight and understand how to keep it off. Fans can purchase the book on his website and even get an autographed copy.

My 600-Lb Life airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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