Mural Painter Inc on Shark Tank: Here’s what to know about the painting service that connects clients to local artists

Will Mural Painter Inc convince the judges to invest?
Mural Painter Inc will make their pitch on Shark Tank. Pic credit: @sharktankabc/Instagram

Shark Tank is back after a short hiatus and the newest batch of contestants is raring to go.

The ABC reality show has invested millions of dollars in small businesses over the years and tonight, several companies will make their pitches as they seek to acquire monetary investment from the panel of investors.

One such company is Mural Painter Inc, and we want to share a little background information about the company before they grace our screens tonight.

What is Mural Painter Inc?

The company was established in 2009 and is based in New York City with offices also in  Los Angeles.

Mural Painter provides high-quality murals, office art, signage, branding, and outdoor advertising for small and large businesses.”

The company’s motto is “You need it painted, we got you covered,” and so far, they have painted logos for companies such as Lyft, Chick Fil A, Indeed, and Polaroid, in addition to small companies within the areas that they operate.

Who is the owner of Mural Painter Inc?

The face behind this creative business is Emily Strauss, and the artistic entrepreneur actually founded her company at a very young age.

Years ago, Strauss’s mom – who works from home – asked the 15-year-old high schooler to paint a mural on their kitchen cabinets. As clients would come by, they would notice the mural and hire Emily to do artwork for them.

Emily had so many jobs that she enlisted her friends to assist, and Mural Painter Inc was born.

In a recent interview, she shared some insight into the process of starting a company at such as young age.

“Because I founded this company in high school, this was my start! However, I did work many oddball jobs to self-fund the company before running MP became my full time and primary financial support.

I also launched two other businesses in fashion and construction which I later decided to shut down to focus solely on growing Mural Painter.”

She continued by saying “By the time I hit college, I couldn’t keep up with the demand and asked my fellow fine art classmates to assist me on the weekends. That’s when I started making the transition from being just a freelance artist to building a company.”

Mural Painter Inc now has a team of over 30 talented artists and  Emily allows them “to get super creative. Aside from their big business ventures, these artists have created art for both small businesses, great causes, and street art for all the lucky passerby’s.”

The company has now been in business for over ten years and has painted over 3,000 murals in 21 cities for over 1,200 clients.

You can book their services on the company’s official website,, or check out their Instagram page.

Shark Tank airs Friday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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