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Mother Debbie throws shade at Larissa: ‘Without the drama what do you have’

Mother Debbie on 90 Day Fiance
Mother Debbie isn’t here for Larissa’s explanation. Pic credit: TLC

Mother Debbie isn’t buying Larissa’s recent claims that her “job” is to post sexy photos on Instagram.

Larissa’s job claims came as part of her explanation of the difference between posting provocative photos on Instagram and having someone else acquire your private nude photos and then distribute them to strangers.

This all went down after Colt Johnson’s ex-wife took aim at his alleged new girlfriend after claims that she was passing out her nude photos, his mom stepped in with something to say.

“When you tell the world your job is posting on Instagram,” Mother Debbie wrote. “Is it okay to cause Drama at other people’s expense just so you can stay relevant. Because without the drama what do you have.”

Mother Debbie responded to Larissa's Instagram job claims
Mother Debbie proves that she’s still just as sharp as ever with her Larissa diss. Pic credit: Instagram/@motherdebbiej

Mother Debbie has now inserted herself in the drama between Larissa and another woman who is apparently dating Colt now. It’s pretty clear whose side she’s on.

It’s no secret that Mother Debbie and Larissa Lima don’t get along. They feuded all through Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance and afterward when they all were featured again on Happily Ever After.

Even after Larissa and Colt’s time on the show ended, Mother Debbie has continued to speak out against Larissa, even saying more than once that she wanted to see her former daughter-in-law deported.

It’s not clear why so much drama has been stoked up between Larissa, Colt, and Debbie recently. There are reports that Colt has been filming again, but with another woman. It’s possible that Larissa could be inserting herself in that in an effort to get more screentime. Could this really mean more of these three on yet another reality series?

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