Moonshiners exclusive: Sketchy deal sours on Mark Ramsey and Digger Manes

Mark Moon
Mark Ramsey is not buying what this Jesse is trying to sell on Moonshiners. Pic credit: Discovery

Moonshiners airs Tuesday nights on Discovery Channel, and the next one has a clandestine meeting out in the woods somewhere. Digger Manes and Mark Ramsey are keen on a deal but tread with the utmost caution.

A new bootlegger named Jesse makes Mark and Digger an offer they can’t refuse on the next Moonshiners. Except the deal is a little too good and Digger and Mark are placed on high alert, as seen in our covert ops exclusive video posted below.

Jesse is just a little too cocky with the numbers and the guys see a few red flags out of the gate.

What happens on Moonshiners?

Well, a shady seeming deal and a meeting is called in the woods. Producers and cameramen are staked out at a distance, capturing Jesse, who has asked for this meeting to be arranged from a Jamie. Digger and Mark are going to do a little due diligence to find out who all of these men are, and why they were roped into the deal in the first place.

The gist of the meeting is about the cost of a gallon of their shine, which is dickered around a bit until Jesse says he will pay $250 per gallon, which takes Mark and Digger a bit back.

Mind you, it’s in the preliminary stages and a deal is nowhere near being ironed out or agreed to.

But something is up, and it’s not sitting right with Digger or Mark.

Who are Digger and Mark?

Eric “Digger” Manes and Mark Ramsey are best buddies and business partners who each came to light on Moonshiners. Popcorn Sutton — who is considered a legend in the moonshining business — eventually became a mentor to Digger Manes.

Manes has been around moonshine forever and isn’t too concerned with the illegality of making it. He claims that he isn’t trying do anything illegal. In fact, he and Mark own a legal distillery called Sugarlands. Mark Ramsey grew up in East Tennessee exploring the woods and was exposed to moonshine from a local moonshine expert. He learned the trade through hands on experience.

The two have created 28 varieties of moonshine and an award-winning whiskey called Roaming Man. It has more than 11 awards to its credit. The flavors of moonshine run from chocolate to eggnog, and many are named after NASCAR racing events and legends.

Exclusive preview of Moonshiners:

The sketchy deal between Jesse and Digger and Mark is caught on a surveillance camera POV. Watch as they try to suss out Jesse.

Also on Tuesday night, Mike and Jerry confront Daniel about how their rival’s liquor is invading their territory.

And Tickle, Henry, and Kenny ramp up their CBD-infused moonshine business:

Moonshiners airs on Tuesday at 9/8c on Discovery Channel.

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Alaskan Dan
Alaskan Dan
3 years ago

That beady rat eyed, snake in the grass Mike got exactly what he had coming to him. If Jerry knew what was good for him he’d get well away from that two faced suckafish. He’s proven that he uses people and has little regard for his “partners” and the moonshiners “code.” Frig Mick Cockroach, with the free-est of speech.