Monique Samuels may have been wrong but Real Housewives of Potomac viewers are taking aim at Candiace Dillard

RHOP viewers side with Monique Samuels in altercation with Candiace Dillard
RHOP viewers side with Monique Samuels. Pic credit: Bravo

Imagine being attacked by your former friend on national TV, then having social media blame you for a fight you didn’t even start.

Well, that’s Candiace Dillard’s reality at the moment.

The former friends got into a physical altercation on camera a few weeks ago, which quickly turned physical. Monique was the one who actually got physical during the argument.

As a matter of fact, she showed no remorse about throwing the first punch, insisting Dillard was the one who egged her one.

It seems viewers agree with the mother-of-three, judging by the comments bashing Candiace for instigating the fight.

Social media fans bash Candiace

The former beauty queen is getting fan backlash and very little support due to her past actions on the show.

During an altercation at her home with castmate Ashley Darby last season, the 33-year-old threatened her with a butter knife.

Furthermore, viewers have not forgotten her nasty comments on Twitter, especially on the day Ashley gave birth to son Dean.

Even though the Not For Lazy Moms creator started the fight, Candiace is not getting sympathy from fans.

“I find it funny that Candiace can throw a knife at Ashley and it was sooo funny to everyone,” notes one Instagram user.

“Now that her karma caught up with her she’s the victim. Please [spare] me the BS. They all talk tough until hands get thrown and wigs get tossed.”

“Why is everyone mad at Monique?” asked one commenter. “Candiace literally got what she asked for.”

“Team Monique!” chimed in another RHOP fan.

“Candiace If you keep running your mouth about or to someone HANDS GOING TO BE LAID! If you not a fighter keep your mouth shut. Really just that simple.”

Charges against Monique has been thrown out

Last night, while the latest episode of RHOP aired, Monique took to Twitter to address the charges filed against her.

She alleges that Candiace’s sole interest was to get money from her.

“My attorney advised that I only speak to Candice with him present,” says Monique.

“We asked several times for a mediation sit down, and she and her attorney REFUSED. She didn’t want to hear an apology! She wanted money.”

However, the 37-year-old shared on Twitter why the charges were later dropped.

“When my attorney said no we’re not paying her anything…Her attorney’s response was… ‘Well we’re going to sue Monique for MILLIONS and Bravo will capture it all!’”

The RHOP alum says Dillard’s lawyers, “Filed the complaint…then I countered. Then the state threw both charges out.”

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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SYLVIA Y Marzett
SYLVIA Y Marzett
3 years ago

I like Candace but she thinks shes better than everyone always be talkin S**T bout someone its SAD it got to this place an Monique was WRONG for puttin hands on her BUT CANDICE NEEDS TAKE SOME OF THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR EGGIN EVERY BODY ON ITS TOME SHE GROWS UPan Gezelle needs to sit down an WORRY BOUT HER CHEATIN PASTOR

3 years ago

I agree that Candiace can really stir up trouble, but even so, she did not deserve what Monique did to her – at no time is violence ever the answer! Monique also threatened to kill her as I recall. Poor behaviour by all involved.

3 years ago

Candace, should have kept her mouth shut, you can’t talk S**T to someone and expect them not to react. She plays the victim all the time and always carrying the damn KLEENEX with her. Be a grown woman and stand your ground when you talk mess to other. Why couldn’t you press charges against your mom when she knock you upside the head with her purse. Candace have several sets because you wanted that money from Monique so you can pay for your house you trying to get. Girl bye