Molly Hopkins’ daughter sentenced to jail time over probation violation

90 Day Fiance stars Molly Hopkins and Olivia Hopkins
Molly Hopkins’ daughter Olivia has been sentenced to time in jail. Pic credit: TLC/@olivia.wrynn/Instagram

90 Day Fiance star Molly Hopkins’ daughter Olivia is in trouble with the law again — and this time, it will cost her over one month in jail.

Olivia, who has been in trouble with the law before, was found guilty of violating probation terms during a recent court hearing.

It comes after Olivia was arrested and booked earlier this month for violating the terms of a previous arrest.

She was put on probation following a domestic violence incident with her mom at Molly’s home in Woodstock, Georgia, in October 2020, which saw things get physical.

The affidavit regarding her case read, “[Olivia] allegedly struck the victim [Molly] multiple times in the head leaving a clearly visible red mark, and kicked the victim in the leg.” The document also revealed that “A third party witnessed the entire altercation.” 

Olivia was then charged with misdemeanor simple battery and was ordered to do 40 hours of community service and to pay a $500 fine.

She also had to take family violence and anger management classes and was ordered to stay away from drugs and alcohol and have no violent contact with her mom.

Molly Hopkins’ daughter Olivia was recently sentenced to jail time

However, in recent court documents obtained by In Touch, it emerged that Olivia violated the orders meted out by the courts, and now she has to face the consequences.

Previous documents claimed Olivia missed two drug tests in March and said that she failed the drug test that she did take. She also reportedly did not enter a family violence treatment program as per the judge’s order.

Furthermore, Olivia is said to have tested positive for fentanyl by consumption at the time of her arrest and booking on April 4.

These reported breaches led to a judge sentencing Olivia to 45 days in jail during a hearing on Wednesday, April 26.

According to the outlet, after Olivia completes her sentencing behind bars, she will have to complete eight hours of community service each week, and she will be subjected to increased drug testing.

Olivia Hopkins accuses Molly Hopkins of violence in resurfaced video

The news of Olivia’s jail stint comes on the heels of a recently-resurfaced video, first posted on Olivia’s Instagram Story after her 2020 arrest, where she made allegations about her mom allegedly behaving violently.

Olivia claimed in the clip that Molly has been violent with not just her but also past boyfriends and her former BFF and business partner Cynthia Decker.

“She was violent with Luis. She’s been violent with Cynthia, she was violent with multiple ex-boyfriends that I can remember,” said Olivia.

“If you say something she doesn’t like to hear, she’ll punch you… she’ll literally punch you in the face,” she added.

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