Mitch Silverstein admits being ‘selfish’ with Krysten, reveals celebrity crush

Mitch Silverstein
Mitch and Krysten discuss attraction on Married at First Sight Season 15. Pic credit: Lifetime

Mitch Silverstein and Krysten Collins had a challenging conversation on the latest episode of Married at First Sight Season 15.

While Krysten was ready to advance their physical relationship, Mitch had to admit that he lacked physical attraction to Krysten.

Despite his lack of attraction, Mitch and Krysten still had a cuddle session later that night that turned steamier than they expected.

As a guest on the recent episode of Afterparty, Mitch was asked all about the roller coaster of emotion he and Krysten experienced on their honeymoon.

Mitch expressed remorse for how he handled his lack of attraction to Krysten.

With Krysten not being Mitch’s type, Mitch also spoke about the women he’s typically attracted to and named his celebrity crush.

Mitch Silverstein reacts to his conversation about attraction with Krysten Collins

Mitch appeared as a guest on Afterparty alongside costars Justin and Binh.

Keshia asked Mitch how he felt after telling Krysten he wasn’t attracted to her.

Mitch expressed, “I’m kicking myself. I really wish I would’ve played it a little more cool.”

Mitch continued, “In retrospect, I feel like almost a little selfish about doing that and saying it more for me just so I could get it off my chest and so that I could feel like myself again.”

After not considering Krysten’s feelings, Mitch shared, “You live and learn.”

Mitch also discussed how he and Krysten were able to transition from that tough conversation to getting physical later that night.

Mitch acknowledged it was a “weird” turn of events and tequila played a part, but he stated that being honest and getting his lack of attraction off his chest also made him more comfortable moving forward. Mitch said he appreciated how Krysten handled the news with grace and confidence in herself, which opened him up to get more intimate with her.

Speaking on Krysten, Mitch shared, “She’s so optimistic and positive, which is a nice compliment for me” because he often feels he has a more negative outlook. Mitch also liked that Krysten was immediately supportive of his “eccentricities.”

Who is Mitch’s celebrity crush?

Keshia wanted to know more about the type of women Mitch is attracted to and asked him to detail his physical type.

Mitch replied, ‘I don’t know. I’ve had different types. My type has always been like, I have a great relationship, and maybe it ends, and then I tend to be attracted to people who kind of reminded me of that last great relationship.”

Mitch also said that when the show asked him to name his celebrity crush, he named the actress and wife of Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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