Mindy Shiben’s figure skating career: What to know

Married at First Sight
Mindy takes Zach skating for their one-month anniversary. Pic credit: Lifetime

Mindy Shiben, one of the brides on Season 10 of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight, has been going through a difficult time with her husband, Zach Justice.

The 34-year-old was practically smitten when she met Zach at the altar for the first time. The two seemed well-suited with their physically fit appearances and structured personalities.

It appeared that the MAFS experts paired the duo because of their athletic and competitive prowess; her as a figure skater and coach, and he as a personal trainer and fitness model.

Recently, however, they’ve had trouble connecting.

Mindy’s figure skating career

When she’s not being featured on the experimental reality show, Mindy works as a figure skating coach and choreographer.

Previously, she was the Skating Director for Cabin John Ice Rink in Rockville, Maryland. As a part of the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission, she instructed figure skating for all ages and skill levels, working with children through adults.

She is a talented skater, a passion she holds near and dear to her heart, even taking it into her artwork. In a piece she recently painted, Mindy featured a female figure skater.

“This painting is inspired by my favorite pastime, figure skating,” Mindy said. “Performing one of the most beautiful moves, the layback spin, the skater exhibits grace, poise, and effortless freedom.”

Now, Mindy works as a figure skating coach and choreographer for U.S. Figure Skating. The organization develops and cultivates skaters at all levels, guiding them as they hone their skills and strive for advanced achievement.

In her role, Mindy helps progress the skaters to a competitive and championship level. She teaches skating techniques, communication, resiliency, and spirit.

In her marriage, she has tried to implement these same skills of spirit and resiliency during seemingly frustrating interactions with Zach. Even after he told her he was not physically attracted to her, Mindy displayed qualities of grace and poise, the same as she painted in the layback spin.

Mindy brings Zach skating

In the latest episode, Mindy invited Zach to a skating date to celebrate their one-month anniversary.

Trying to build a bond between the two of them, Zach met Mindy out on the rink. The two seemed to genuinely have fun, with Mindy commenting that Zach was “making an effort.”

However, after stepping off the ice, his temperature turned cold when they met up for dinner later that night.

In an effort to find out what was missing from their courtship, Mindy asked Zach if he had a girlfriend or was possibly gay, but he flat out denied both. When she pushed further, he called her out for being dishonest.

Confused, Mindy pressed the issue, but Zach refused to give any further details and encouraged her to just “think hard.”

Mindy competes in her marriage

Later, while looking over their wedding photos, Mindy invited Zach over to their apartment, where she has been staying alone since his refusal to move in.

Still searching for answers, she brought up their previous conversation and questioned if he has been talking to any of her friends.

Zach admitted he’s been talking to her friend, Lindsay, who allegedly reached out to him to help in communicating with Mindy.

Astounded, Mindy questioned how often they talk, which Zach downplayed, claiming they haven’t spoken in days.

Nevertheless, after Zach left, Mindy called Lindsay, who had a different story to tell. She confessed their conversations have continued, with him texting her that morning. When Mindy asked for a screenshot, however, Lindsay claimed to have deleted the messages.

Mindy ends the episode believing “someone is f***ing lying” — leaving her to wonder if she is competing in her career, as well as her marriage.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime

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