Mindy needs to dump both Zach and Lindsay: Married at First Sight fans call them out

Married at First Sight
Zach finally stays the night with Mindy, in the guestroom. Pic credit: Lifetime

Mindy Shiben has been struggling since the beginning of her quasi-marriage to Zach Justice. Though they were all smiles during the ceremony and reception, reality set in after the duo’s “I dos.”

From the start of what should have been a romantic honeymoon, the couple has been crumbling week after week, with Zach callously harping on his apparent unattraction for Mindy.

Last week, he also shockingly revealed he has been chatting with Mindy’s friend Lindsay behind his bride’s back.

In the latest episode, “Move In or Move On,” the couple sat down with the experts on Recommitment Day.

On the counseling couch, Zach had to answer for his wrongdoings. Pastor Roberson lectured him for still not moving in with Mindy, questioning Zach’s faithfulness to her.

Meanwhile, Mindy told her side of the story to Dr. Coles. She discussed how the details of Zach and Lindsay’s stories did not match up but was willing to give Zach yet another chance.

Zach continuously tried to convince Pastor Roberson that he was in the marriage, but he wasn’t buying it.

“You’re talking about a positive experience, I’m talking about a successful marriage,” said the pastor. “Don’t act married, be married.”

Dr. Coles was adamant that Mindy does not allow Zach to gaslight her and that she makes some demands of her own.

“I need to see him outside of filming,” Mindy declared. “He needs to be transparent about the relationship he’s had with my friend; I would like to see the messages.”

Zach moves in… to the guestroom

Since returning to Washington DC, Zach has refused to cohabitate with Mindy. However, during the episode, and in keeping with Mindy’s “list of demands,” he finally took the next step of staying the night.

To commemorate the occasion, Mindy ordered chicken wings, remembering that Zach enjoyed them as a snack. The two had some food, wine, and what seemed to be a good conversation.

However, when it came time to retire for the night, Mindy hoped they would finally share a bed, which they had not done since the honeymoon. Zach rejected the idea, instead choosing to sleep in the guestroom.

Fans react to Zach’s rejection

Still reeling from last week’s revelation and this week’s latest rejection, fans have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations and confusions about Mindy and Zach.

After both Zach and Lindsay suspiciously said they deleted their mutual text messages, many viewers still believe he has something going with Mindy’s so-called friend, which is holding him back in his marriage.

“Zach can’t move in with Mindy because Lindsey would be lonely sleeping without him at night,” one fan tweeted.

“On Mindy, please take your man Zach and your girl Lindsay… and just throw them both away…,” said another.

More spirited at-home viewers called Zach out for using the show as a platform to gain fame.

“Zach just wanted to be on t.v. and no one can tell me otherwise,” a fan wrote, while another shared: “Mindy admitted that she has not seen Zach outside of filming! That proves that he did the show only to promote himself on TV!”

On angry tweeter even put out a warning to any future ladies looking for love with Zach. “Ladies, BEWARE of this mind-f****** jerk. He answers to the name Zach. He’ll make you question your self-worth and is only in love with himself. He’s garbage and treated his wife poorly. Don’t say you weren’t warned! Good luck out there, stay Zach and Coronavirus free! #MAFS”

Now, fans anxiously wait to see what Decision Day will bring for Mindy and Zach.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Valerie Loupe
Valerie Loupe
3 years ago

Zach is a lying jerk
In love with himself
Liar liar liar