Mike The Situation Sorrentino and wife Lauren release a podcast

Mike and Lauren on their YouTube Channel
Mike and Lauren on their YouTube Channel. Pic Credit: The Situations/YouTube

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his wife Lauren survived Mike’s 8-month incarceration and they’re moving on in life.

Mike, who served time for tax evasion, went to prison just 2 months after he married Lauren, so the newlyweds spent most of their first year as a married couple apart. On Thursday, fans saw their joyful reunion, and the couple is looking into new ventures for the future.

The podcast has a self-help vibe

The Sorrentinos’ new podcast, Here’s the Sitch, will cover a wide range of topics. According to the trailer, the couple will dish out a lot of advice based on their experiences. It’s no surprise that Mike’s ventured into that sort of topic- he’s recently turned to helping other addicts in recovery and motivating people to “live their best life.” His Jersey Shore co-stars even dubbed him “The Inspiration.”

The podcast will include his and Lauren’s perspectives regarding sobriety and touch on other topics as well. “We are going to share as a couple how we survived and are ultimately winning against addiction and prison,” Mike explained in the trailer for the podcast. He promised that the podcast would discuss “how to turn the tables on life and be your best self.”

Lauren chimed in in the teaser as well, commenting on the variety of topics the Sorrentinos will discuss. “We’ll be discussing everything ranging from current events, pop culture, decorating our new house together, fitness, motivational, and of course, nutritional advice.”

The first episode came out on Tuesday

In the first episode, Mike gave out plenty of advice regarding changing habits. The couple revealed that they often get direct messages on social media regarding how they changed their lives, which was part of the reason they want to do the podcast.

Their advice emphasized the power that each person has to change his or her life. “It’s within your power,” Lauren explained. She talked about making small changes each day to add up to a new, better life.

The couple revealed that they have a favorite quote about self-improvement: “Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

The advice wasn’t just for addicts — Lauren and Mike also discussed nutrition and more mundane habits. They revealed that they try to eat well and exercise 6 days a week and plan a cheat day for themselves, a solid tip for listeners trying to live healthier lives.

The series will continue, and that’s not all for the couple- “Where we are today is not our final destination” Lauren teased. We’ll have to tune in to hear more!

Here’s the Sitch can be downloaded here. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8/7 on MTV.  

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