Mike Johnson says Chris Harrison should be removed from The Bachelor franchise after the interview scandal

Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson wants Chris Harrison to leave the franchise. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor In Paradise star Mike Johnson is speaking out about the social and racist issues that are plaguing Bachelor Nation these days.

Mike, who many thought should have been the next Bachelor lead after Peter Weber, believes it is time for Bachelor Nation to stand up to racism within the franchise.

Last week, Chris Harrison revealed he would be stepping back from his hosting role after a controversial interview with Rachel Lindsay, the first female lead of color in the franchise.

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There have been many conversations about how to react to Chris’ exit, including many people calling for him to be “canceled.”

Mike Johnson gets candid about his feelings about Chris Harrison

But for Mike, that is not the best way to go.

The former reality star spoke to Extra about Chris’ exit and how cancel culture is the wrong thing to do.

“I think that when we cancel people, it’s almost too easy. I feel that those individuals that have done something wrong need to say it with their chest, in other regards, as well,” Mike explained, revealing that by ‘canceling’ Chris, he would be able to go away without any accountability.

Chris wouldn’t have to do anything to explain his behavior, he wouldn’t be held accountable, and he could come back and host The Bachelor without any social repercussions.

“Once they’ve been educated and learn in a public forum in comparison to riding the waves with millions of dollars and just never to be heard from again… I don’t want to cancel the individual, I want the individual to speak up, speak to their audience, and curb their mindset,” Mike revealed.

Even though Mike wants Chris to learn from the experience, he does believe that it is time for Chris to step back from his hosting duties.

“Let me speak direct — should the individual be removed from The Bachelor franchise? I think it’s time for that. Should that individual be removed completely? No, because I think that individual has such a beautiful platform, it’s such a beautiful privilege that we have to use it for good.”

In other words, Mike wants Chris to continue with his other business ventures, just not in the Bachelor franchise. The Bachelor franchise has been Chris’ home for the past two decades.

Chris Harrison revealed he would be stepping back

It was last week that Chris revealed he would be stepping back after receiving backlash from his interview with Rachel Lindsay. Rachel was trying to hold him accountable for casting Rachael Kirkconnell on The Bachelor after photos surfaced of her at a Southern Belle party.

The backlash was so bad that Rachel revealed she probably won’t renew her ABC contract once it comes to an end. She’s currently under contract to do her Bachelor-related podcast.

Rachel’s husband Bryan Abasolo also spoke out about the interview, revealing that he lost respect for Chris and the way he spoke to Rachel.

As of right now, Bachelor fans are waiting to see what ABC decides to do.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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