Mike and Lauren Sorrentino reveal what they’re most nervous about as due date approaches

Mike and Lauren Sorrentino on Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Mike and Lauren Sorrentino talk about what they’re most nervous about as Baby Sitch’s due date approaches Pic credit: MTV

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his wife Lauren Sorrentino are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Sitch next month.

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation stars opened up about their nerves and what they’re most worried about as their son’s due date approaches.

During an interview with Us Weekly, Lauren admitted, “I’m nervous about labor and delivery, I guess, to like a normal extent, just to make sure everything’s safe and healthy, but I’m more excited.”

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She continued, “I’m not nervous about the pain or anything like that. I feel like I can take so much in life, and I’m just excited to finally meet him and start our new life as a new family.”

Mike chimed in and shared what he’s most nervous about and said, “I’m just shooketh about the whole process. I’m so excited and we’re ready for this part in our lives.”

He also shared that Lauren had been doing pilates three times a week and he hoped they would have a “smooth delivery,” because of it.

Mike explained that he was planning to create a playlist for the hospital to create “good vibes,”

Mike and Lauren decide on a baby name

Mike and Lauren also teased details of a baby name they had decided on.

Lauren said, “It’s very unique and something we both love. It does have a special meaning.”

They said it was a very “strong” name and Mike added, “Obviously, when we finally reveal it, you’ll be like, ‘Yeah, we would think the Situations would name their kid [that].’ It’s a very strong name.”

Mike and Lauren did not have the easiest time while making their decision and explained that they had gone back and forth about a few different names before deciding on the right one.

Lauren said, “We did have, like, three top names that we loved and the first two were just not sticking. This third one was like, ‘That’s it.’”

Lauren keeps fans updated with weekly pregnancy posts

Lauren has been extremely open with fans about her pregnancy experience by providing weekly updates on her Instagram page.

She has shown off her baby bump as time has gone on and has even shared details of how she’s felt at each point along the way.

Mike and Lauren also made Baby Sitch his own Instagram page as a way to help keep fans updated on their pregnancy.

With just a few weeks left until his arrival, Mike and Lauren are excited to welcome their baby boy and finally become a family of three.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.

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