Miguel shares throwback MAFS clip of Mindy and expresses regret at his ‘anger and impatience’

MAFS alums Miguel Santiago and Lindy Elloway Instagram selfie
Miguel Santiago expresses regret during his marriage to Lindy Elloway. Pic credit: @saintmigs/Instagram

Miguel Santiago didn’t leave Married at First Sight fans with the best impression when we met him on the show, but he’s done some self-reflection since then.

The Season 15 alum must have rewatched the season, which is now streaming on Netflix because he recently mentioned his ex-wife Lindy Elloway on social media.

It only took a few years, but Miguel is finally taking accountability for his behavior and he’s getting a lot of support online for doing so.

The 37-year-old posted a rare behind-the-scenes video from a scene that caused quite a stir when it first aired and admitted that he was wrong.

The scene in question was a prom event that was organized by the producers.

Lindy was excited to participate, but Miguel could not have been more difficult — even refusing to pose for a prom photo with his wife.

Now, he’s reflecting on his behavior and admitting that he could have done things differently.

Miguel Santiago shares regrets about his ‘anger and impatience’

Miguel’s recent Instagram post caught us by surprise because it was a Season 15 video of his ex-wife, Lindy looking glam in a sequin dress as she got ready for the prom.

“This is the infamous photo event that led to my meltdown during the prom weekend,” noted Miguel in the caption. “I know I was at fault for not getting out of bed and just taking the pictures.”

The MAFS alum reasoned that, in hindsight, it would’ve only taken a few minutes, and it was something that meant a lot to his wife.

Miguel also confessed that the producers took the time to organize a beautiful prom for Lindy and he should have been more excited to celebrate the moment with her.

“It was very thoughtful of them and I know I ruined it,” he said, adding, “Another regret I have is not being able to move past my anger and impatience.”

MAFS fans support Miguel after he reflects on his past behavior

Meanwhile, it seems the tides are turning for Miguel now that he’s taken accountability for his behavior.

Instead of the usual backlash from MAFS fans, this post had a slew of supportive comments.

“Hindsight is 20/20. I love that you acknowledge this and accept your part,” responded a commenter.

“Miguel it’s ok,” said someone else. “You don’t have to feel bad, everyone is imperfect sometimes 🫶🏻 huge hugs. You are way too hard on yourself hon.”

One person told Miguel “It was a bad moment, don’t carry that weight forever. She loved you beyond that moment let you love yourself too!”

Miguel Santiago Instagram comments
Pic credit: @saintmigs/Instagram

“Accountability is beautiful,” exclaimed someone else.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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