MAFS viewers are ‘Team Lindy’ after Miguel’s behavior at couples’ retreat 

Miguel from Married at First Sight
Lindy and Miguel butted heads on the latest episode of Married at First Sight Season 15. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 15 featured the signature couple’s retreat with lots of fun bonding moments between the couples. 

The retreat also included a fair share of rocky moments between Lindy and Miguel. 

The MAFS stars put on a prom for Lindy since she never went to prom in high school.

While Lindy loved getting to experience prom and be a prom queen, she also was confronted by her husband, Miguel, for the demanding way she spoke to him in a previous conversation. 

Miguel and Lindy had been one of the more solid couples of the season, but the retreat stirred up multiple tense exchanges between them, with Lindy breaking down in tears several times. 

MAFS viewers reacted to Miguel and Lindy’s arguments and voiced being more on Lindy’s side. 

MAFS viewers blast Miguel after latest episode 

Married at First Sight’s Instagram page shared a clip of Lindy during her appearance on Afterparty. 

In the snippet, Lindy explained how time moves differently in the “MAFS world.” She shared that it’s important to realize that a single day in the MAFS world is equivalent to a week and sometimes a month in normal circumstances. 

Lindy stated that the cast tends to see every type of emotional response from their spouses in a short amount of time. Due to this, Lindy declared that she genuinely believed it’s possible to determine whether your spouse is your person during the brief and unique MAFS process. 

Comments under the post saw viewers slamming Miguel. 

One MAFS viewer wrote, “Watching the episode now. Team Lindy all the way!! Think Miguel might be scared and self-sabotaging?” 

A MAFS critic questioned why anyone would tolerate Miguel and suggested Miguel was making everything Lindy’s fault.

Another commenter expressed that Miguel is looking for excuses to get out of his marriage with Lindy. 

One viewer wrote, “Ok…ima give it to Lindy on this episode. Miguel is doing too much. You know she never had a prom and it really wasn’t that serious. DUDE LET IT GO!!” 

Another critic exclaimed, “Miguel is irking!!! He has to stop. it’s too much!!” 

Married at First Sight comments
Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

What did Miguel and Lindy argue about? 

Miguel and Lindy’s first argument at the retreat was over taking photos. 

Audio captured Lindy asking Miguel to take pictures of her in her prom dress and becoming frustrated when Miguel wasn’t taking pictures to her liking. 

During prom, Miguel confronted Lindy for her tone, telling her never to speak to him like that again and accusing her of gaslighting him and having off-putting outbursts. 

The couple’s second argument occurred after a couple’s carriage ride. 

Miguel attempted to recite his poetry to Lindy in the carriage, but she kept getting distracted by the animals and scenery around them. 

Miguel was frustrated and called Lindy out, causing her to break down crying and become fed up. 

Lindy and Miguel reconciled after their date, but they butted heads again during a game of dodgeball with the other couples. 

Lindy and Miguel were on opposing teams, and Miguel felt hurt when Lindy rooted more for her team than her husband. 

When speaking with a few costars, Lindy shed tears again as she opened up about the challenges in her and Miguel’s relationship and how he makes her feel like she does everything wrong. 

Miguel and Lindy maintained that they love each other when speaking with the other couples, so time will tell if the pair rises above their arguments and stays together beyond Decision Day.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.  

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Lynn Tabone Cruickshank
Lynn Tabone Cruickshank
1 year ago

Lindy has characteristics of ADD and maybe her thought pattens get interrupted. She comes across kind and not meaning to hurt him intentionally. Miguel has to realize everyone has faults and you have to come to terms to try to understand and appreciate their strengths or good qualities. No one is perfect!