Michelle Duggar criticized for photo with daughters, fan wonders ‘where is Jana?’

Michelle Duggar during a 19 Kids and Counting confessional.
Michelle Duggar was called out on Instagram after photo shows her out with two of her younger daughters. Pic credit: TLC

Michelle Duggar has been widely criticized for years regarding the way child rearing works in the family. With as many kids as the Duggars have, some of the tasks have been taken on by older siblings.

A lot has changed for the Duggar family over the last decade. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have 19 children, with the oldest being 31 and the youngest being 9.

Many of the older siblings have married off and started their own families. The one thing that has remained constant for the other Duggar children is Jana Duggar and her effort in helping to raise the younger siblings.

Over the weekend, a photo was shared on the Duggar Instagram account showing Michelle Duggar with two of her younger daughters at an event with plenty of clothing stuffed into bags. While many of the comments were nice, one commenter asked where Jana was after mentioning that Michelle appeared to be raising her children.

Comment from the Duggar family Instagram page.
Michelle Duggar was called out on Instagram. Pic credit:@duggarfam/Instagram

For several years, many followers have criticized Michelle Duggar for allowing her older children to raise the younger ones while she and Jim Bob Duggar toured the country for speaking engagements and adventures. In fact, there was one episode of the show where Josie Duggar choked and Jana Duggar had to call the paramedics. Both Jim Bob and Michelle were out of town at the time.

Jana Duggar has also been dubbed “Cinderella” by some followers. Many feel she has been tied to the house and raising the kids. She is the only adult daughter who has not gotten married and started a family. There has been speculation about why she has not yet found someone, and Jana is consistently linked to Lawson Bates.

There are always going to be questions about the dynamic within the Duggar family. They opened up their life to the public and have continued to film for over a decade. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have now backed off of filming and the older siblings are having their lives featured as their families grow.

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