Michael’s reaction to Angela’s new body was unexpected

Michael and Angela
Michael’s reaction to Angela’s transformed body was unexpected. Pic credit: TLC

It has been no secret that Michael wasn’t in favor of Angela having weight loss and breast reduction surgery during 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?. He has voiced his opinion that the surgeries are unnecessary and that he liked Angela’s body the way it was.

So when Angela and Michael came to a place where Angela was finally ready to show Michael her new body, Michael’s reaction was unexpected.

The pair have been going through a series of brutal relationship fights that have been draining on their marriage, but they both agreed to take steps towards repairing it.

Angela did that by preparing a sexy bath video call with Michael to reveal her new body to him.

While Michael appreciated the gesture, and they did have some breakthroughs, Michael’s reaction to Angela’s transformation was interesting.

Michael Ilesanmi reacted to Angela’s Deem’s post-surgery body

Angela Deem thought it was time to finally show Michael the results of her weight loss and breast reduction surgeries, and Michael’s reaction was actually something she was prepared for.

When Angela removed the bubbles in the bath and let Michael gaze at the changes, he took a long time before he spoke. When he finally did speak, he said, “Oh, gosh!”

Then after another pause and Angela remarking that she didn’t know what to say, Michael interjected, “Babe, they still look okay for me. Still look okay for me.”

He went on to reassure her, “It’s all okay, baby. Don’t worry.”

In a private interview, Michael was a little more candid and said, “Finally seeing Angela’s new boobs, to be honest, I felt down, you know, disappointed because they are not big anymore. And her nipple looks a little bit strange to me because I know that’s where she was operated on. But I still love my wife, and there’s nothing I could do about it.”

Angela appreciated the fact that Michael didn’t sugarcoat anything. She expressed her disappointment that he doesn’t love her new boobs but was happy that she got his approval in the end.

Michael Ilesanmi
Michael gave his approval of Angela’s new body. Pic credit: TLC

Will Michael Ilesanmi and Angela Deem’s marriage get better from here?

By this point, Michael knows exactly what will set Angela off, and he has been well-informed of what she needs from him to have a successful marriage.

Angela has been trying in her own way to have better communication with Michael and expressed her desire for it all to work out.

They still have a long way to go to achieve stability and happiness, and they are still awaiting the results of Michael’s spousal visa application.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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