Michael Garofola speaks out about Chris Harrison: Former Bachelorette star doesn’t have fond words

Michael Garofalo
Michael Garofola speaks out on Chris Harrison. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Michael Garofolo is speaking out about the recent developments in Bachelor Nation.

Michael, who is known from Desiree Hartsock’s season, The Bachelor: Winter Games, and Bachelor In Paradise, has been following along what has happened within the franchise over the past couple of weeks.

While many other Bachelor Nation stars have decided to speak out about the situation, Michael is now sharing his thoughts on Chris Harrison and the infamous interview with Rachel Lindsay.

As it turns out, his thoughts are not exactly positive or supportive of the popular host.

Michael Garofola gives his thoughts on Chris Harrison

Michael spoke out about Chris in a podcast interview, giving him time to elaborate his thoughts on Chris’ take on Rachael Kirkconnell and the producers behind the cameras.

This week, he was on the Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast, where he shared that Chris should have been able to handle the situation better. He found it weird that Chris would defend these photos from 2018, as things were not that much different three years ago.

As he said, it’s not like the photos are from 1968.

“I think for someone with as much media training as Chris Harrison, with more media training than probably anyone on any show right now that’s on, because he’s been, he’s been through it so much, for him to make that mistake. You know, I, I think, you know, unfortunately, you know, when someone shows you who they are, you, you know, you have to believe them,” Michael revealed during the interview.

Throughout the conversation, Michael also pointed to the various scandals Bachelor Nation has seen in terms of casting people with controversial views. He pointed to Garrett Yrigoyen from Becca Kufrin’s season, as it was revealed that he had shared controversial social media posts. Along with Rachael Kirkconnell’s photos, Michael argued that producers should do better in vetting people.

If people can dig these photos up on social media while the show is airing, why couldn’t producers find them during the vetting process? And he has a clear stance – people with racist views should not be allowed on television.

“I’m sorry, those people don’t have a place on television. And, and if they’re put there, then you have to wonder if they’re put there intentionally, because we recognize that, you know, 55 percent of Bachelor Nation consists of, of people who are, you know, the, the MAGA types,” he alleged.

But Michael wasn’t done with Chris. Michael believed that what fans heard during the interview is what Chris truly felt in that moment. He shared that he didn’t think that Chris came prepared to the interview with Rachel Lindsay.

“You know, when you’re talking to someone like Rachel Lindsey, you know, you have to know what, where, where things are going with that, you know, especially on, you have to be better prepared and, you know, at least yeah. And better educated. And, and unfortunately, I think he spoke what was, what was true in his heart,” Michael pointed out.

Michael Garofola has followed along with what has happened in Bachelor Nation

Chris Harrison’s interview with Rachel is just one of many scandals in Bachelor Nation. Over the past couple of weeks, Bachelor Nation has been plagued with rumors, accusations of racism, and alleged publicity stunts with Clare Crawley and Dale Moss.

Michael himself hasn’t been part of Bachelor Nation in a while on the small screen, but he continues to follow along. When he was on the Bachelorette he worked as an assistant U.S. attorney practicing out of the Southern District of Florida and he has continued his legal career after the show.

In other words, he knows that Chris is no longer hosting the After The Final Rose special for Matt James’ season. It was mid-February when Chris revealed he would be stepping away temporarily to focus on educating himself on the issues that he seemingly defended during the interview with Rachel.

Emmanuel Acho has been named as his replacement for the After The Final Rose special, but it’s uncertain whether Emmanuel will continue to host The Bachelorette when the new season starts filming.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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