Micah Plath goes ‘Instagram official’ with Lexi Marie, Welcome to Plathville star making bold moves

Micah Plath in a confessional from Welcome to Plathville.
Micah Plath debuted his girlfriend on Instagram. Pic credit: TLC

Micah Plath has found love. The Welcome to Plathville star gave a shoutout to his lady love, Lexi Marie, on Instagram this past weekend.

The relationship appears to be serious, as he mentions he loves her so much in the caption of the Instagram post. Micah and Lexi appear happy in the photos shared on the social media platform.

What do we know about Micah and Lexi Marie?

At this point, there isn’t a lot known about the relationship between Micah Plath and Lexi Marie. She has her Instagram set to private, which leaves a lot to be desired.

Moriah Plath (who goes by Moriah Jasper on Instagram) commented on the photo of the two lovebirds. She said, “love both of y’all!” Moriah also follows Lexi on the social media platform.

It looks like Lexi Marie may be from Nashville, Tennessee. That is where the photos of the two are tagged, though it is unclear if that is where they were taken.

Hopefully, more information will become available about Micah Plath and Lexi Marie. For now, followers are happy to see that he has found someone he is interested in and has built a relationship.

Where do we know Micah Plath from?

Back at the end of 2019, TLC debuted a six-part series, Welcome to Plathville. It was based on two parents, Kim and Barry Plath, who were raising their children “off the gird.” There was no access to screentime that wasn’t monitored and the older children weren’t aware of anything that had to do with pop culture.

Ethan Plath is the oldest child, but he was already married to Olivia Plath when filming began. Micah is the third oldest, with Moriah following shortly behind. There was some conflict because Kim and Barry felt that Ethan and Olivia were a bad influence on Micah and Moriah, so they were only allowed at the house when the parents were home.

By the end of Welcome to Plathville, it was clear that Micah Plath and Moriah Plath would want to venture out on their own. Olivia bought her sister-in-law a one-way ticket out of state for her birthday. That was the beginning of the end.

Now, it looks like Micah and Moriah are traveling together. If you check out their Instagram pages, they spend a lot of time with one another. With an Instagram-official relationship and freedom, Micah Plath just got a lot more interesting.

Welcome to Plathville has not yet been renewed by TLC.

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