Merrill House on Dice Road on Haunting in the Heartland: New paranormal show exposes hauntings in the middle of America

Merrill House on Dice Road on Haunting in the Heartland: New paranormal show exposes hauntings in the middle of America
Haunting in the Heartland heads to Merrill, Michigan. Pic credit: Travel

Tonight is the series premiere of the latest paranormal investigation show, Haunting in the Heartland, on Travel Channel.

In the first episode of Haunting the Heartland, documentary filmmaker Steve Shippy heads to Michigan.

Here is the synopsis:

Steve Shippy is called to the village of Merrill, Michigan, to investigate an evil entity tormenting a young girl. With the help of a local historian, Shippy discovers the town’s long-forgotten traumatic past and its connection to the girl’s home.

While it is not listed in the synopsis, the location has a very famous haunted house in paranormal circles — The Merrill House on Dice Road.

What is The Merrill House on Dice Road?

The Merrill House on Dice Road started experiencing paranormal events in 1974, over 45 years ago.

The residents at that time, The Pomeraning family, filed several police reports about pounding on their walls, unexplained voices, and fires breaking out in their home.

No one, from the police to the local priests, could figure out what was happening.

The police staked out the home without telling the family but one year later the case was closed when they couldn’t figure out what was happening. The Pomeraning family moved.

The new owners bought the house 39 years ago and experienced nothing like the previous tenants. However, there was one moment.

An antique radio started to crackle.

It was unplugged.

Who is Steve Shippy?

Steve Shippy is a rapper who goes by the name Prozak. He is also a documentary filmmaker.

In 2019, he released a documentary film called A Haunting on Dice Road, which he showed at a special screening and then released a DVD of the documentary.

As the title indicates, this was about the Merrill House on Dice Road.

Now, Shippy is preparing his new Travel Chanel paranormal investigation series and the first location that he planned out for the series — Merrill, Michigan.

According to K-105 in Michigan, Dice Road is the most haunted road in the state.

The Ivy General Store, the Dice Road Cemetary, and the Pomeraning House all rest on this stretch of road.

It sounds like Shippy is preparing to figure out what haunts this Michigan town.

In “Haunting in the Heartland,” paranormal investigator and documentary filmmaker Steve Shippy visits Midwestern towns that have been traumatized for generations by ripples of fear. Growing up in a rural Michigan “creepy house on the corner,” Shippy uses his own personal experiences to make intimate connections with the families who’ve reached out to him for help. He then puts the puzzle pieces together to identify and decipher the larger mystery of the town’s haunting.

Haunting in the Heartland airs on Travel Channel at 10/9c.

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