Meri Brown returns to Instagram, Sister Wives fans welcome her back

Meri Brown on Sister Wives
Meri Brown on Sister Wives. Pic Credit: TLC

Unlike her sister wives Robyn, Christine, and Janelle, Meri Brown isn’t particularly active on Instagram. While the other Brown wives post to Instagram a few times a week, Meri hasn’t posted in nearly a month.

That changed, however, when she announced her return to the social media platform yesterday. She announced she was back with a selfie captioned in part “I’m baaaaccckkk!!”

Apparently, Meri was locked out of her account for a bit- but all is well, and she’s returned.

Fans welcomed Meri back

Fans of Sister Wives were happy to see Meri online again. “Love you and the show,” one fan commented on the post. “You look fantastic today!” said another.

Meri looked happy and healthy in the photo and many fans commented that they loved her hair and makeup.

Although Meri isn’t always the most active Brown sister wife on Instagram, she does have the most followers- about 373,000, compared to Janelle’s 310,000, Christine’s 303,000, and Robyn’s 150,000.

Her Instagram focuses on her business

Meri’s Instagram handle is @lularoemeribrown, a reference to multi-level marketing company LulaRoe, for which Meri is a distributor. The company makes leggings, t-shirts, dresses, and other clothing items for women.

Meri has done very well in the company- the company founder, DeAnne Stidham, even commented on her return-to-Instagram post. She’s among their top sellers and even qualified for a cruise with the company.

However, LulaRoe isn’t without controversy- many have compared the multi-level marketing (MLM) arrangement of companies like LulaRoe to pyramid schemes. MLMs compensate their independent contractors (like Meri) based on how much they sell, but also how many new sellers they recruit. The recruitment often ends up being more profitable than the products, so sellers who try to make money from commissions only often fail.

There’s a cost to joining LulaRoe- reportedly an average of $5,000– and many sellers never recoup that investment. Some reports online suggest that less than 1% of people who sign up for LulaRoe turn a profit, meaning that the vast majority actually lose money.

That said, it seems to be working out for Meri, and she uses her Instagram mostly to advertise the products she sells. She keeps a link to her website in her bio, so any interested fans can check out the inventory she has available.

She also models her products on her page, showing off the various clothing items she has available.

Meri doesn’t tend to give updates, but fans can follow her on the show.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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