Meri Brown enlists the help of an interior designer to decorate her bed & breakfast for Christmas

Meri Brown of Sister Wives and Lizzie's Heritage Inn
Meri Brown enlisted the help of friends to get her bed & breakfast ready for Christmas. Pic credit: TLC and @lizzies_heritage_inn/Instagram

Sister Wives star Meri Brown was lucky enough to have a friend who’s also an interior stylist help her get her bed & breakfast ready for the Christmas season.

Meri loves to show off the Christmas decor every year at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn and she did just that on Wednesday.

Sister Wives star Meri Brown enlists the help of stylist friend to decorate her B&B for Christmas

Taking to Instagram, Meri shared several pics along with a caption that read, “What a fun weekend up at my B&B getting it all decked out for the holidays!”

“I’ve always thought I was pretty good at the whole Christmas decorating thing, but when you have an interior stylist friend who comes to help, well let’s just say, you can learn a thing or two!”

“Loving how the house turned out and just want to sit in the living room soaking it all in! Beyond grateful for your help @blairmichael12 !! ☃️☃️☃️”

Sister Wives fans might remember Meri’s interior stylist friend, Blair Michael, as Meri has mentioned him on quite a few occasions.

On her recent trip to Disneyland in October, Blair was the male friend who accompanied Meri on her Californian excursion.

Meri’s slides showcase the beautiful, festive decor inside the inn, including plenty of lighted garland, plush snowmen, and several Christmas trees.

Every square foot of the bed & breakfast’s halls were decked, from the parlor to the staircase, and the fireplace.

Audrey Kriss, Meri’s daughter Mariah’s fiancee, commented and proved she was impressed with Meri and Blair’s decorating skills.

Meri gets some praise for her Christmas decorating skills

“LOVE! It looks SO GOOD ??♥️ Y’all did an incredible job!!” Audrey commented.

“@audreykriss Thank you! I’m in love!! ?☃️,” Meri replied.

Blair was sure to thank Audrey in his reply that read, “@audreykriss thank you!!”

Meri shared even more pics of her friend’s decorating skills on Lizzie’s Heritage Inn’s Instagram page.

“This year’s Christmas decorations look absolutely stunning! ??♥️,” Meri captioned the post.

“We can’t wait to share them with you. A big thank you to our wonderful friend Blair (@blairmichael12) for helping to decorate the home for the holidays! ? He truly brings the Christmas magic wherever he goes! ???”

Among the pics in the slides from Lizzie’s Heritage Inn’s post were another Christmas tree, fully decorated in the corner of one of the bedrooms, along with the top of the piano covered in a winter village.

Kody didn’t want the family getting together last Christmas, which his third wife, Janelle Brown disagreed with and accused Kody of being a Scrooge when she said “forget” the holidays.

After watching Season 16 of Sister Wives so far, it’s unclear whether the Browns will even spend Christimas together as a family.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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