Meka Jones from MAFS Season 10 has a new boyfriend

Meka Jones in yellow
Meka Jones reveals photos of her new man during her birthday weekend. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight star Meka Jones has found love since divorcing her MAFS husband Michael Watson. 

Meka recently celebrated her birthday and shared photos from her festive weekend. One photo, in particular, caught the eye of MAFS fans and appears to reveal Meka’s new mystery man. 

Meka Jones is showered with love on her birthday 

While Meka’s MAFS marriage didn’t work out and many argue she was married to one of the worst husbands in MAFS history, Meka still managed to steal the hearts of Married at First Sight fans and remain resilient and happy since being off the show. 

Meka often shares photos from her fun trips and ventures and remains in touch with several women from Married at First Sight. 

In Meka’s latest post, she shared a series of fun-filled photos from her birthday weekend. Some of these photos included Meka looking gorgeous in an 80s inspired outfit while posing with her adorable dog Missy the mini poodle. 

Meka shared tons of photos posing with friends in front of a wall of balloons and in her final photo from the post, Meka is shown with what appears to be her new significant other. 

In the photo, Meka hugs a man who lovingly kisses her on the cheek while she gives a big smile to the camera. Meka didn’t tag the man in the photo but Meka and the mystery man both look sleek in all black. 

The affectionate photo has led many to celebrate that Meka is now in a new relationship that is hopefully a whole lot healthier and more honest than the connection she had with Michael, who was notorious for lying to her at almost every opportunity. 

Meka may have confirmed her relationship status 

While Meka didn’t tag the man in the photo or directly comment on being in a relationship, she did appear to confirm that the man in the photo is her latest love interest. 

Meka shared a post from a MAFS fan account that featured the photo of her and her man. The account wrote, “Love is dope!!!” with the heart eyes emoji and Meka shared that post to her IG story with a few heart emojis of her own. 

Meka Jones and her boyfriend
Meka Jones celebrates her newfound love. Pic credit: @solobliss/Instagram

Meka sharing the post suggests she’s happy for the public to know that she is in a relationship. Hopefully, Meka continues to find success and happiness on her love journey. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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