Meghan King says Jim Edmonds hates her as they struggle to co-parent

Meghan King and Jim Edmonds
Meghan King and Jim Edmonds in 2017 with their daughter, Aspen. Pic credit: Bravo

Meghan King has always been open about her marriage and parenting struggles. As a star on The Real Housewives of Orange County, she showed the fans the cracks in her marriage to Jim Edmonds.

Viewers of the show often commented on how badly Jim seemed to treat Meghan. Now she is agreeing with them as she re-watches her clips from the OG Housewives franchise. On her new YouTube channel, she will describe her most cringe-inducing moments with Edmonds, and also with her former castmates.

She is also speaking out on the current state of their relationship in a new interview. Co-parenting and communication are the hardest conflicts, she shared.

Meghan says she attracts ‘narcissists’, seemingly refers to ex-husband Jim Edmonds

After cheating accusations were exposed, King filed for divorce from the retired MLB player, and they share three children: 5-year-old son Aspen and 3-year-old twins Hayes and Hart. On her new YouTube channel, she’ll relive their marriage while recapping old episodes of RHOC. She finds the recaps therapeutic and says it offers her a perspective she did not see as she was filming.

King has recently referred to herself as a “narcissist attracted“, and said re-watching her seasons embarrassed her and she felt that she was in denial during their marriage.

Now that they have both moved on from their broken marriage, she claimed that Edmonds “hates” her and refuses to communicate.

She stated, “In order to co-parent, you have to communicate right? Yeah, so that would be a good start…Jim hates me. It’s horrible.”

Edmonds is now engaged to former model Kortnie O’Connor, and Meghan has expressed a desire to have an amicable relationship with O’Connor for the sake of her children.

She also said the kids can see the lack of communication, admitting, “I don’t think [the kids] like it. I don’t think they know any different, but I don’t think they like it either.”

Meghan King hopes her relationship with Jim Edmonds and Kortnie O’Connor will change in the future

Meghan has said she wishes to be able to discuss the children with Jim and his new fiancee. Especially since King and Edmonds son, Hart was diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia in 2019 and requires extensive therapy and treatments to increase his motor skills and abilities.

Although Meghan has primary physical custody, she is eager to work in cooperation with Edmonds to assist with all three children, especially Hart. As it stands today, King shared that the two have not communicated since July 2021.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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