Matt Roloff begs LPBW fan to keep mum about his ex-wife: ‘Just don’t tell Amy!’

matt and amy roloff season 25 confessionals
Matt’s fiancée, Caryn, is sporting some pretty big bling. Pic credit: Discovery+

A Little People, Big World viewer paid Matt Roloff a major compliment, and he used it as an opportunity to take a shot at his ex-wife.

This week on Little People, Big World, Matt’s ex, Amy Roloff, and her husband, Chris Marek, invited Matt and his fiancée, Caryn Chandler, over for dinner.

It was the first time Matt and Amy saw each other since Matt asked Caryn to be his wife and she accepted, and there was definitely anticipation that the get-together might turn awkward.

The quartet enjoyed some good food as they discussed an upcoming fundraiser, and during dinner, Matt and Caryn’s engagement quickly came up.

As they all sat down to eat, Amy wasted no time getting right down to business, demanding, “Let’s see the ring.”

Caryn held out her left ring finger for Amy to see, and as she inspected it closely, Amy exclaimed, “Oh yeah, that’s very pretty! Wow!”

Caryn’s round sparkler became quite the topic of conversation, not only among the Roloffs but also online.

In a recent Instagram post, Matt posed for a photo in Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands during a vacation with Caryn.

His caption contained a series of hashtags and read, “#lovelove the #carribean vibe,” as he noted that he and Caryn were in the Caribbean scoping out possible Honeymoon locations.

Matt Roloff pokes fun at his ex-wife, Amy Roloff

In the comments section of his post, Matt received a mixed bag of opinions from LPBW fans.

Some expressed how happy they were for him and Caryn amid their engagement. Others voiced their dislike for some of the cast members, and Matt’s bona fide fans were just happy to see him living his best life.

One of the comments, however, caught Matt’s attention. It involved his fiancée and his ex-wife.

One of Matt’s Instagram followers, @dinahsb, took notice of the huge rock on Caryn’s ring finger during Tuesday’s episode, as evidenced by their comment.

“Nice engagement ring!” it read.

lpbw viewer comments on matt roloff's instagram post
A fan liked the ring. Pic credit: @mattroloff/Instagram

In response, Matt joked about his and Caryn’s encounter with Amy during dinner when Amy demanded to see Caryn’s bling.

“Ha. Just [don’t] tell Amy. Lol,” Matt wrote in response.

Caryn showed off her sparkler to Amy on Little People, Big World

Matt’s humorous comment was a jab at Amy’s comments during Tuesday’s episode. While checking out Caryn’s ring, she teased that Caryn got a bigger ring than she did.

“Geez, I guess the second half of life is better, huh?” she joked.

caryn chandler's engagement ring as shown to amy roloff on little people, big world
Caryn showed off her engagement ring during dinner at Amy and Chris’s house. Pic credit: Discovery+

During a solo confessional in Tuesday’s episode of LPBW, Caryn opened up about how she felt when Amy asked to see her ring.

“When Amy asked to see the ring, I would say I was a little apprehensive, you know? Who wants to do that? And you know, the moment was just fine, and I think she’s okay that we’re engaged,” Caryn stated.

Caryn noted that Amy probably expected that at some point, Matt would propose, adding that Amy has been “really nice” about their engagement.

Amy opened up during her solo confessional about Matt and Caryn’s engagement and admitted that it feels a “little funny” to her.

“Matt’s my ex, but, you know, I’ll be okay,” Amy confessed. “As long as we don’t get, you know, nitty gritty and personal.”

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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30 days ago

I am baffled why Chris wants to hang out with Amy’s x matt and caryn!! This is really odd and something I think Chris is wrong to expect this of Amy and it is just ridiculous!!

30 days ago

Is Chris interested in caryn?? Why else hang around with Matt?? Amy needs to break away from them and let Chris see them by himself