Matt James is back home with Tyler Cameron – and he’s back to sharing his life on social media

Matt James and Tyler Cameron
Matt James is back home with his best friend Tyler Cameron. Pic credit: ABC

Matt James spent the fall in Pennsylvania filming the newest season of The Bachelor.

His season is expected to premiere on January 4, 2021, and fans are excited to see if he has found love.

ABC just announced that a record 32 women will show up to search for love with Matt.

For months, he wasn’t on social media and he wasn’t allowed to speak to anyone about his journey to find love.

But now, he’s back home and he isn’t going into hiding. This weekend, he was out and about with his best friend Tyler Cameron.

Matt James is back home with Tyler Cameron

Both Matt and Tyler decided to document their time together. It started with them going to the eye doctor because Tyler needed to see someone about his eyesight.

According to Matt, Tyler is legally blind. Apparently, he struggled to see the letters on the small screen.

Tyler Cameron
Pic credit: @tylercameron3/Instagram

He added, “Couples surgery on Wednesday,” on the post. He didn’t elaborate on this comment.

Then, both Tyler and Matt shared their time at the Miami Dolphins game, which took place this weekend.

Matt cake
Pic credit: @tylercameron3/Instagram

There, Matt decided to throw his birthday cake in Tyler’s face when they were on the jumbotron. But that wasn’t all. They also shared the aftermath on social media with Tyler admitting that Matt got him good.

Tyler Cameron
Pic credit: @tylercameron3/Instagram

In his post, he shared that Matt had the lead, writing the caption, “1-0 Matt is in the lead.”

Matt James hasn’t shared anything from his Bachelor journey

Even though Matt is back home, he hasn’t shared anything from his journey. We don’t know how his season ends or whether he’s engaged.

Before he left for filming, he told fans and Tyler that he was coming back home with a woman. However, we don’t know if that is true.

Tyler has revealed that he’s fed up with Tayshia Adams’ season of The Bachelorette. He just wants Matt’s season to start, because he wants to watch his best friend find love.

Fans have tried to guess who Matt picked on the show by looking at the women’s social media. However, Reality Steve has told his followers not to trust what is being put online.

Apparently, most of the women came back on Instagram on the same day, which made it hard for fans to predict who had been there until the end. Reality Steve has yet to share what he knows about the upcoming season.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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