Matt James had ‘rude awakening’ during The Bachelor filming says Chris Harrison

Matt James
Matt James had a rude awakening while filming The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Matt James has wrapped up filming the show in Pennsylvania.

And while Matt can’t speak out about his experiences on the show, Chris Harrison is dishing all the details about his journey to find love.

Matt hasn’t returned to social media yet, even though the women from his season were allowed to return on November 23.

They all rushed back and made their profiles public this week, causing confusion as to who he chose.

But Chris reveals that Matt’s season was about much more than finding a woman. It was a rude awakening for him.

Matt James’ journey is something else says Chris Harrison

This week, Chris spoke out about Matt’s season. We know very little about his season, but we do know that it was filmed on location and Matt had been previously cast on Clare’s season.

And last week, we learned that Matt had never been in love before.

“It’s not that he hasn’t said ‘I love you’ before. I think the problem with him is he realized being the Bachelor, he had never fully understood what it means. He didn’t understand the weight of it,” Chris Harrison told US Weekly about Matt’s upcoming season.

“And now I think this has really opened [his] eyes and one thing about the Bachelor or Bachelorette — you can ask any of them — it changes you. … He is a different man than when he came to us in and he got really a crash course because he didn’t get the few steps of being on the show. He really just ripped the Band-Aid off and sometimes that hurts a little bit,” Chris explains.

Many previous contestants will agree that the show changes you, but not always for the better. Recently, contestants have criticized producers’ role in how everything plays out and how they help plan out the villains and the geeks on the show.

But Chris is sharing that this season is also about Matt’s personal developments and him learning about his way of loving women. Chris makes it seem like they did indeed succeed in getting him to fall in love.

“So, I think he had a bit of a rude awakening of the man he is, the way he loves [and] what love means to him. It really is an amazing journey you’re going to take with Matt, not just as the Bachelor but also as this man who realizes, ‘Wow, OK, this is love and this is what it means and I’m really here to find this,’” he adds.

Right now, we don’t know what will happen on Matt’s season, but it will be exciting to watch.

Matt James didn’t know what to do

Chris also reveals that there are some wonderful moments of Matt’s naïveté and innocence that will come through.

That innocence is tied to the fact that Matt has never filmed a single episode of The Bachelorette before. Unlike previous seasons, he hasn’t actually been on the show before.

Matt James has never been to a rose ceremony. Everything for him is completely new. Producers had to walk him through a lot of things.

Reality Steve shared the news this week that Matt’s season was done filming, but he didn’t share the outcome. He promised he would reveal who Matt had picked and how everything played out as soon as he knew.

It was last week that ABC released a trailer for Matt’s season, sharing that he had never actually been in love before.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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