Matt James accused of blocking The Bachelor fan pages that posted about pool party

Matt James on The Bachelor
Matt James threw a huge party that he apparently didn’t want everyone to know about. Pic credit: ABC

Matt James’ season of The Bachelor hasn’t even started filming yet and he’s already stirring up controversy.

There are still a few months before cameras begin rolling and it makes sense that Matt may want to get all the parties out of his system now.

After all, in just a few short months, he could end up engaged to one of the women vying for his heart.

However, throwing house parties in Florida when COVID-19 cases are literally breaking records in the state is probably not a great idea. Especially since those in attendance weren’t wearing any masks and they weren’t social distancing either.

Matt James and Tyler Cameron party hard

Soon after the party at Matt and Tyler’s Florida home, pictures and videos started to pop up on social media. In them, we so both Bachelor Nation guys partying it up both inside and outside the house with dozens of other people.

Clothing was at a bare minimum with a bare-chested Tyler whooping it up in the hot tub in some of the photos shared. Another picture put Matt at the party but he was better covered, wearing a long-sleeved black shirt.


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More COVID party clips from last night. Tyler is a frat boy at 28 but what excuse does the next bachelor lead have for this?

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It looked like they all had a great time and no one is faulting these two young men for living it up before Matt heads out to find a wife. Some think they should be a bit more careful, though, and that they should be keeping a better distance for the horde of hot young women that filled their house.

Matt James doesn’t want news of the party to get out?

It wasn’t long after news of the party got out that pictures and video from Matt and Tyler’s house started coming back down. There was even speculation that the guys asked partygoers to stop sharing media from the party as it was definitely going to make them look bad.

Then, one Bachelor fan page on Instagram revealed that Matt James had even gone so far as to block them after they posted several pictures and videos from the event.

They also issued a warning to Matt about his popularity if he continues to block every Bachelor Nation fan that he doesn’t agree with, writing, “If our new bachelor blocks every Bachelor Nation and fan page that calls him out, you best believe he will not have a lot of followers come January 2021 when his season starts airing.”

The Bachelor is on hiatus and is expected to return in January 2021 on ABC. 

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